RootsMagic 6RootsMagic is one of the leading genealogy software programs out there for the PC. Having released RootsMagic 6 just over a year ago, the team at RootsMagic continue to add and improve their program, and have just released another update for users of RootsMagic.

Here are details of what the latest update covers:

  • New: Added the ability to print sources (endnotes only) for pedigree charts
  • New: Added support for sharing notes between RootsMagic and FamilySearch Family Tree
  • New: Added support for direct import of Legacy 8 files
  • Fixed: Page number in index for group sheets would sometimes be blank
  • Fixed: Several cosmetic issues with FamilySearch Person Tools screens
  • Fixed: Some issues with RM published website indexes when viewed with Safari

This update is free to users who already have RootsMagic Verison 6, and can be downloaded from here.

And for details of earlier RootsMagic updates, together with what each update includes, take a visit over to here.