Register of One Place StudiesOne-Place Studies seems to be a theme that’s hit the genealogy and history world this year, and why not, if you have a deep interest in a place (street, town, district, parish, state, county etc), and wish to research it, why not let others know that you’re doing it. They may well be able to help out with information and/or photographs.

Back in September I made mention of the Society for One-Place Studies organisation which had just been launched, and today I’m making mention of the Register of One-Place Studies. Yes, they are different organisations, so please don’t get confused by the similar names.

The Register of One-Place Studies was launched in October 2013 and listed 33 places at that time. Since then it has been growing at a steady rate, and currently has almost 1000 now registered on their website.

To date they have 43 places from three Australian states, but they want more – and none so far the across the ditch in New Zealand. There are towns right around both Australia and New Zealand where the history is being recorded … and this is the ideal place for not just individuals, but historical societies, genealogy groups and museums who have an interest in a specific area, to get it known that you are researching the people and town. Like I mentioned above, why not let others know you’re doing it, as they may well be able to help out with information and records.

The Register’s purpose is to provide a listing of one-place studies currently being undertaken which is:
– open to all
– free to access
– free to add to
– comprehensive

So if you have a one-place study and haven’t yet added it to the Register, don’t delay any more! It takes just a few minutes to add. And remember it is FREE.

And remeber that the Register of One-Place Studies is not just for those are doing a study of place, but you can use it to see if anyone happens to be doing a study of a region that you are interested in!

To keep up with the latest news and additions from the Register of One-Place Studies people, you can find them on Facebook and Twitter.