Who’s Been Sleeping in My House? Season 3

logo - who's been sleeping in my houseHouse history is something that we tend to associate with the UK, as they have such old houses that have managed to stand the test of time. With many still standing that are hundreds of years old, it’s naturally intriguing to want to know the history that house has been through.

But now thanks to the TV show ‘Who’s Been Sleeping in My House’ Australian’s are now starting to get interested in the history of their houses too.

This popular TV show which has already aired for two seasons on the ABC, and also on Foxtel’s History Channel, is currently filming Season 3 … and continues to find amazing stories behind numerous houses and people who lived in them, prior to their current owners.

Eash 8 part series explores the incredible stories that lie between the bricks and mortar of these homes. Archaeologist Adam Ford is on the job, and using the tools of his trade (public records and a good spade) he literally digs the dirt and reveals the rich past of some of Australia’s most intriguing homes.

In each episode we follow Adam as he makes his way through archives, databases, family albums and local experts, revealing a past that isn’t always recorded in the history books. From the Western Australian goldfields to the tropics of Queensland, Adam peels back the extraordinary lives of everyday Australians – people who lived, loved, bore children and moved on in the great cycle of life. As ghosts of the past, family secrets and architectural surprises are revealed, one thing is for certain – the present owners’ relationships with their homes will be changed forever by the startling mysteries and unexpected revelations Adam unearths.

This series is one where the walls really do talk. Beneath the floorboards, between the walls, under the eaves, or somewhere deep down in the garden, the secrets of the past are just waiting to be revealed – because every home has a story to tell.

Available to purchase on DVD or download:
Who’s Been Sleeping in My House? Season 1 DVD
Who’s Been Sleeping in My House? Season 2 DVD
Who’s Been Sleeping in My House? Season 1 (download)

Further information about Who’s Been Sleeping in My House?:
ABC official WBSIMH? site – http://goo.gl/a9U0fQ
History Channel – http://goo.gl/OU89OU
Inside History Expert Q&A with Adam Ford – http://goo.gl/omVWKl

For the Socially Minded
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And Season 3 …
There’s no word as yet on when Season 3 will air as it is still in production. But rest assured IT IS coming, and when we know, we’ll let you all know.

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8 thoughts on “Who’s Been Sleeping in My House? Season 3

  1. Heather Cameron says:

    I watched the program tonight, 18 march 2014, but missed the beginning.
    Please can you tell me about John Cameron (I have relatives I am looking for). Where, when was he born? Did other family members come with him? At we hat port did they first arrive?
    Any information you have would be much appreciated.
    Heather Cameron

  2. Hi Heather, If you after specifics of the program, you’d need to get in touch with the program researchers. You can find a contact for the ABC on ther website – right down the bottom (http://www.abc.net.au/tv/whosbeensleeping/). They should be able to put you in touch with the correct people.

  3. Tresna Shorter says:

    I watched the ABC show this week re house in Rolystone WA (Sherry and Kieth Parker) and want Adam to know I have an unpublished, 20 page autobiography, written by Thomas Buckingham, (which fell into my hands some years ago) which I feel sure he would like a copy of. Thomas wrote it at age 71 in 1910. Although it is typed it has been left in the style of English that Thomas Buckingham would have spoken. He describes the hardship and lack of food of his childhood in Devon Eng. (The reason his parents brought the family our here) of him building a house at Roleystone, where he (and his parents) lived for about 15 – 20 years. Tells of his various work occupations, cattle droving to Gin Gin etc.etc., talks of his father and brothers. Tresna. Shorter 9725 1274.

  4. Christina Mitz says:

    My daughter and son – in – law have bought house at 22 walmer st Kew which was built in 1870 and has heritage overlay. It was named Shelbourne. They are looking for more information re. Their property.
    Can you help?

    Cristina Mitz

  5. Hello

    do you know where I can purchase Series 3 – in particular Episode 1 on Merton and the bushrangers of northeast Victoria?

    thank you

  6. Hi Colette, I’ve been in touch with ABC who advise that Season 3 has never been released on DVD. And she didn’t know if there was even plans to I’m sorry.

  7. Hi, can you tell me where I can buy series 1 and 2 on DVD . We love the show but have missed quite a few episodes

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