Who Do You Think You Are? Australia Season 6 (2014)


For the genealogy TV lovers, it has just been announced that Who Do You Think You Are?, the Australian version will be back in 2014, which will make it it’s 6th season. That’s a good effort don’t you think. At this rate we’ll catchup to the number of seasons that the UK has aired. Just kidding.

Ok, so Who Do You Think You Are? hasn’t managed to hit the top the TV ratings yet, but it does consistently get thousands of viewers every week, so has proved itself as a popular program. And while enjoyable to watch, and see each celebrity discover their family, it has also introduced genealogy to an audience that otherwise would never have been interested.

Seasons 1-4 of Who Do You Think You Are? Australia each featured 6 episodes, while Season 5 which aired earlier this year had 8. I don’t know for sure how many will be in Season 6, but I can tell you five of the celebrities who will feature in it …

– Andrew Denton
– Rebecca Gibney
– Lisa McCune
– Richard Roxburgh
– Jacki Weaver

As of yet I don’t have any starting date, except that it will be sometime in 2014. But keep an eye in our email newsletter, or on Twitter or Facebook, as we’ll announce it everywhere when we find out. But I do know that it will air on SBS again.

WDYTYA Aus Season 6 - Celebrities

3 thoughts on “Who Do You Think You Are? Australia Season 6 (2014)

  1. That should be an interesting bunch! Look forward to the dates. Thanks!

  2. […] was an announcement of the celebrities who would feature in the 6th Season of Australia’s Who Do You Think You Are?. These were: – Andrew Denton – Rebecca Gibney – Lisa McCune – Richard Roxburgh – Jacki […]

  3. Anne Morey-Boyle says:

    This is absolutely my favourite TV programme. How could it not be? This is about my past, someone else’s past, history and education for us all. Every Sunday when I receive the TV programme, I scan the booklet to see whether “Who do you think you Are?” is back on, only to be disappointed. Bring it on, please SBS1! Make my Day, Week, Year. Nothing competes. It encompasses empathy, history, education, curiosity and passion.

    My kids are so cynical – they say stuff like “Mum – What is that programme you are waiting for – is it “Who the F*** am I?”. I understand where they are coming from but they, just like me, will be thirsty for this kind of thing when they are my age. Without history, we have nothing to refer to and grow from. Thank you so much “Who do you think you are?” and SBS1. Please, please continue to bring it on. Thank you, Anne Boyle, Townsville, Qld.

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