map - QueenslandWell-known Queensland professional genealogist, author, and speaker Judy Webster has been adding indexes and records to her website to make it a valuable resource for those particularly with Queensland connections.

Now she’s totally revamped (and actually moved) her website, so be sure to bookmark it.

Here are some details from her Press Release …

The site has advice and indexes that help genealogists to research local, interstate and overseas folk by using historical records. The emphasis is on unusual sources that are superb for problem solving.

Features of the new site include:
 – 135 pages, and more than 53,000 names (including tens of thousands of people from other States and countries, especially the UK, Ireland, Germany, Scandinavia and New Zealand) from Judy’s indexes to original records in Queensland State Archives.
 – Additional names from certificates, headstones, church plaques, published local histories, etc.
 – Tips on how to research ‘black sheep of the family’ and people who ‘vanished’.
 – Unusual sources that are superb for problem solving (including records of asylums, hospitals, Police, Justice Department and Courts).
The site is now easier to use, with a different font, a new ‘main menu’ navigation bar, and ‘breadcrumb’ navigationlinks. Many pages have a section called ‘Other Suggestions’. Before using the customised search box, read ‘Site navigation tips’.

And if dealing with everyday life, as well as updating her website wasn’t enough, Judy is the author of a heap of blogs as well:
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