One-Place Studies Society and Website Launched

logo - One Place StudiesYou’ve heard of one-name studies, but have you heard of one-place studies? I’m sure some of you will have, while other may not, so let me tell you about the new Society and wesbite that has just been launched.

The One-Place Studies website is the website for the Society for One-Place Studies. This is a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation for individuals and societies who have an interest in family history and local history. A truly global organisation from the beginning, the Committee members are situated around the world from New Zealand to England and the USA and in the first week since its announcement, the Society has nearly forty enthusiastic members who represent studies in eight different countries.

You have to agree that is is fascinating finding out different people who lived in the same town as your ancestors, and an One-Place Studies (OPS) researcher is one whodoes just that. They research the residents of a particular place by gathering information from all historical records, together with memorabilia and stories that mention those individuals, and then analyse them to gain insights into the social and economic life of the town.

The cost of membership to the Society is just £10 per annum with the option of registering your place of interest for a further (one-off) £10 fee per study. This can be a road, hamlet, village, town … whatever! The Society provides an online study profile and a dedicated email address for registered studies and a plethora of resources including a fascinating quarterly newsletter in the Members’ area of the website. We have many other developments in the pipeline to expand the service we offer to our members.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at the website and if you are interested, join!

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8 thoughts on “One-Place Studies Society and Website Launched

  1. We’re there flying the flag for Australia and hoping to be joined by some more Australian one-place studies soon 🙂

  2. Awesome … thanks for letting us know you’re there. And yes, it’d be great to see some more Aussie One-Place Studies listed.

  3. A lot of news lately about One Place Studies, just to let people know that they can also submit One Place Studies to the Register of One Place Studies – which is free and can only help to promote OPS, you can find out more details here:

  4. Great, thankyou for that Lee.

  5. […] in September I made mention of the Society for One-Place Studies organisation which had just been launched, and today I’m making mention of the Register of One-Place […]

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