NSW History Week 2013

New South Wales History Week is back again, and it keeps getting bigger and better. Hosted by the History Council of New South Wales, their aim is to celebrate and advocate history and historians in New South Wales.

With “Picture This” as the theme for the 2013 History Week, it reminds us of how photographs shape the world. It asks the question how has the development of the visual changed, informed and sculpted society? And how do historians use art and photography to inform their research? Who were the original mad men of the advertising industry? And who were our image makers?

People have long manipulated their images and all cultures have created their view of the world through visual representations. New South Wales History Week 2013 brings the past into view through the frame of images.

With a whole host of events on throughout the week and covering the state, you will find that there are exhibitions, talks, a symposium, workshops, walking tours, open days and not forgetting the Ball, which will be quite spectacular I’m sure. So if you’re in New South Wales, share your love of history, and take part in an event or two (or three if you can), during New South Wales History Week.

You can find all of the events listed online, or if you prefer you can view the full program in PDF form.

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