logo - findmypast AU 500The new records just keen on coming on Findmypast.com.au. Actually not just them, as the amount of genealogy data online seems to be exploding, which is good for all researchers! But for this post I’m focussing just on Findmypast.com.au.

In the Australian data that they’ve recently added, you’ll find passenger lists and BDM records. All good stuff, and all key records for researchers.

This collection of passenger lists of those travelling to Victoria consists of almost 1.5 million records, and details ship passenger arrivals into Victoria from 1846 and 1899. These lists include name, age and nationality and you can also view ORIGINAL IMAGES and locate their last place of residence, the month and year of their arrival, the ships name and their departure and destination ports. Start searching these records now.

Findmypast Aus/NZ have recently added Australian Birth, Death and Marriage records for Victoria and Australian Capital Territory to their website (with the remaining states coming soon). Now available:
Victoria Births 1836-1913
Victoria Marriages 1836-1942
Victoria Deaths 1836-1985
Australian Capital Territory Marriages 1930-1938
Australian Capital Territory Deaths 1930-1983

And if you have World Subscription you’ll be able to see the┬áIrish Petty Sessions Court Registers 1828-1912 which have recently had 2.5 million extra Irish court records added. Misdemeanours the decidedly unlucky miscreants were nabbed for include runaway servants, shebeens and trespassing livestock are all mentioned, giving a unique taste of Ireland life during this period. This additional batch of records features 52 new courts in fifteen counties around Ireland. A further seven courts have been supplemented with records from additional years. This brings the total Petty Sessions Court Registers available on Findmypast to over 15 million. Start searching these records now.

Another new collection of Irish records have gone online for the first time ever, and that is the Irish Dog Licences! Not something that you’d think on looking for is it? But these are a great untapped resource for Irish family historians. The dog licence registers currently contains over 500,000 records, with more to be added before the end of the year.

The details included in the dog licence entry are similar to those found on modern dog licences
– Owner’s (licencee) name
– Owner’s address
– Owner’s county
– Year of licence
– Court
Start searching these records now.

So can I suggest if you haven’t looked at their site in the past few months (or longer), it is time for a revisit.

If you aren’t already a subscriber, or your local librry or society doesn’t have access, you can subscribe to Findmypast for 6 months or 12 months, and they have three different levels of subscription. You can find all of the pricing and coverage details here.