logo - WW1 LinkA few weeks ago I did a post titled “Are You Doing a World War 1 Centenary Project?“. My reason for doing this was that I knew of a number of projects that groups and individuals were doing, and thought it would be good to list them in a central place, so others knew what was being done. Firstly I must thank all of those who sumbitted details of their World War 1 Projects, I do appreciate that you took time to do so, so thank you.

And secondly I had said I’d do a follow up blog post listing those that had submitted details to me, but since then I have found out that our good friends at Inside History Magazine have created theĀ  WorldWarOneLink website, which is designed to do the exact same thing, so rather than duplicate efforts, I am referring people to their website.

Their website is live, in that it has a landing page which allows you to enter your contact details to be notified when it is launched, which will be on Remembrance Day, 11 November 2013.


WorldWarOneLink homepage

So if you are doing (or planning on doing) any World War One Projects that relate to Australians be sure to bookmark this website. And for more about information about WorldWarOneLink be sure to visit their website, and to be sure you’re up to date with the latest happenings, follow them on Facebook or Twitter.