Who Do You Think You Are? UK Season 10

wdytya‘Who Do You Think You Are?’, the UK series that started the worldwide phenomenon which started back in 2004 has already seen 9 seasons aired, and attracts approximately 6 million vewiers in the UK  per episode. Impressive isn’t it!

So with millions of dedicated viewers in the UK (not to mention the rest of the world), you’ll be pleased to know that Season 10 of UK’s Who Do You Think You Are? is almost here. Be sure to write Wednesday 24th July 2013 on your calendar, as that is when Season 10 will start airing on the BBC channel.

Now I know what you’re really wanting to know is WHO is going to feature in the new series. Well here you go:
– Minnie Driver (Actress)
– Marianne Faithfull (Singer)
– Nitin Ganatra (Actor)
– Nigel Havers (Actor)
– Nick Hewer (TV personality, The Apprentice)
– Gary Lineker (Footballer and Presenter)
– Sarah Millican (Comedienne)
– Lesley Sharp (Actress)
– John Simpson (Journalist, World Affairs Editor BBC)
– Una Stubbs (Actress)

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Top L-R: Minnie Driver,  Bottom l-R:

Top L-R: Minnie Driver, Marianne Faithfull, Nigel Havers, Nick Hewer, Gary Lineker
Bottom L-R: Sarah Millican, Nitin Ganatra, Lesley Sharp, John Simpson, Una Stubbs

2 thoughts on “Who Do You Think You Are? UK Season 10

  1. Hi Alona,

    Sorry for the delay – but thank you for linking through to my article on the series 10 celebrities. It’s been a bit of a mixed series (in my opinion), although the results in my recent vote from the first 5 episodes, all suggest that the best episode was the one that i also thought was the best.

    I’ve seen a couple of the Australian series, and pleased to see that they haven’t followed the editing style of the US series.

    Happy researching!

  2. Hi Andrew, no probs with linking to your site, it’s my pleasure. And us Aussies do love the UK versions of WDYTYA, much more so than the US ones. So fortunately our own series is modelled more on the UK ones than the US. 😉

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