RootsMagic Update ( Adds in ‘Problem Alerts’

logo - RootsMagicThe makers of RootsMagic recently released a new update for RootsMagic 6 users, version  This update adds a fabulous new feature which is described below, and includes a fix for a problem some people had with FamilySearch Family Tree.

If you haven’t already downloaded the update, look for the “Update Available” indicator in the lower right corner of your RootsMagic 6 program screen, and click on it.

Now the really cool new feature that comes with this update ( is called Problem Alerts. This is where RootsMagic will problem check in the background and display an alert next to the name of any person with a potential problem. In fact the Problem List is a feature that was already in the program, but it seemed to be in a spot where no-one looked (Tools > Problem Search > Problem List). As the makers of RootsMagic felt that problem checking is such an important feature, they have created Problem Alerts, which don’t require you to have to manually run the problem list to see possible data entry issues, RootsMagic does it all for you. It scans everyone in your file to try and find any potential data entry errors (people born before their parents, etc) for everyone in your file.

RootsMagic will problem check in the background and display an alert next to the name of any person with a potential problem.  This alert will show on the pedigree, family, and descendant views.

RootsMagic 6 - ProblemAlerts a

Just click on the problem alert and RootsMagic will display a list of the potential problems for the person.

RootsMagic 6 - ProblemList a You can highlight any of the potential problems and edit the person or family, mark the potential problem as “not a problem”, add the problem to your To-Do list so you can work on it later, or print the list of potential problems for the person.

You can enable or disable Problem Alerts from the Tools > File Options screen, and you can also select which types of problems you want the Problem Alerts to look for. Sounds all very cool doesn’t it.

I know that looking at a couple of screenshots (as above) doesn’t do it justice, so you can check out the Problem Alerts feature on this YouTube video to get a better idea of it.


If you haven’t used RootsMagic before, but you’re interested to try it out, you can download the free RootsMagic Essentials to try out.

If you’d like to know what’s new in RootsMagic 6, you can read all about it here:

And if you wish to go ahead and order it, you can find details here.

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