Can You HelpFrom time to time we are asked if we can help “spead the word” for people or groups who are doing a project and are after some futher information.

And rather that just putting a little note on our Facebook page about it, I have decided to do it as a blog post so it gets a wider audience. So welcome to our first “Can You Help?” post.

The Dublin History Group are wondering if any readers can help out with their request. Firstly they are really hoping someone has any old photograps of the well which was actually the towns water supply, with people having to walk to it just get clean water. The ruins of the well is currently on community lands in South Terrace, Dublin (down where the pines are). Also if you have any photographs like sporting groups, family who lived in the area, photos of houses, events, businesses, even school sports days etc, they are all gladly welcome (copies can be taken if you want to keep the original).  If you can help them out in any way, please contact Pat by phone on (08) 8529 2028, or email or You can find out more about the Dublin History Group by liking their Facebook page, or checking our their website.

Our second request for today comes from Tony who is currently writing a book on the 2/4th Reserve Motor Transport Company, and asking if anyone has any connection with this particular unit. Raised in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia in February/March 1941. The whole unit left Fremantle on the 19th April 1941 bound for Singapore. The unit served in Malaya and Singapore from April 1941 until the fall of Singapore, with most of its members becoming POWs. Tony in anxious to talk with anyone who has a connection with any member of the unit. So if you can help out, please contact Tony by phone on (08) 8562 2257, or by email

And if you or your group has something that you would like me to make mention of in our next “Can You Help?” post, please send an email to Alona at