WDYTYA US Season 4 Kelly ClarksonAfter making its debut on US tv screens in 2010, the US version of the popular show ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ was cancelled by NBC after 3 justĀ  seasons, much to the surprise of everyone.

Since then, the fate of this program has been in limbo until recently, when it was announced that the TLC network would take it on.

Now the station has news not only on the celebrity line up for Season 4, but also has announced that they are due to start airing (in the US) on Tuesday July 23rd. So mark your calendars!

So the celebs who will feature in this season’s Who Do You Think You Are? US are:
– Chelsea Handler
– Cindy Crawford
– Chris O’Donnell
– Christina Applegate
– Kelly Clarkson
– Jim Parsons
– Trisha Yearwood
– Zooey Deschanel

In the usual WDYTYA format, each one of these celebrities will take their turn under the ancestral microscope, discovering where they came from, and about their ancestors, with all the excitement and tears documented.

For a sneek peek of Season 4, here is a a preview

As we do love our Who Do You Think You Are? tv shows down here, we have been lucky enough to not only have our Australian version, but also the UK and US ones as well. While I wouldn’t expect to see to see the US Season 4 episodes here anytime soon, I wouldn’t be surprised if Channel 9 (or their sister channel, GEM) start replaying the earlier ones again. So keep an eye on the Channel 9 site.