Got Canadian roots? If so, listen up. Dick Eastman’s newsletter first introduced me to the Canadian Headstone Photos Project a couple of years ago, and since then I have been watching this project grow over time. Now I know that not every Australian has Canadian connections, but many do, so I thought this would be of interest.

And as genealogists we all LOVE headstones, and we know how useful they are in our research. And it goes without saying that it’s ‘genealogy happy dance’ ‘time when we find a photo of our reli’s headstone online, particularly if you’re in another part of the world, so projects like this are so important.

The aim of the Canadian Headstones project is to capture digital images and the complete transcription of  headstones of our ancestors. Time and vandalism have an effect of headstones so it it vital that they are recorded now Рbefore more are lost.

This Headstone Photo Project is a non-profit organisation, and the success of the Project depends completely upon the activities of many volunteers and other individuals who contribute photographs to the archive – so they NEED YOUR HELP!

So if you are in Canada, visiting Canada, or have photos from when you have visited that you’d like to contribute to this Project, you can do so.

On their website you can:
– Submit a Headstone Photo
– Search Headstones
– Browse Headstones By Cemetery
– Find a Grave in the Province/Territory
– Read about In The Press

cemeteryThe Canadian Headstone Photo Project would be an excellent project for your genealogy or history group – hint, hint for those in Canada ;-). And for those associated with a church use it to create a permanent, updatable, and searchable photographic record of your cemetery. Sound good doesn’t it.

For for information about the Canadian Headstone Photos Project, check out their website, and keep up with the latest news on their blog.