Tasmania Birth, Death & Marriage Records 1803-1933 Now Online

Map of Australia with Tasmania highlightedIt’s always super-exciting when a major new record collection goes online, and I discovered “genealogy gold” when I found out that FamilySearch have in conjuction with the Archives Office of Tasmania have just put the images of Tasmanian Births, Deaths and Marriages online. These cover the period 1803-1933, and are to view for FREE!

When I heard about it, it sounded too good to be true, so I had to go and check it out for myself. And sure enough you can now get ORIGINAL IMAGES of baptisms, births, marriages, deaths and burial records.

These records are not indexed, so you will need to page through, or better still if you have the Digger CDs (Tasmanian Pioneer Index 1803-1899 and Tasmanian Federation Index, both now out of print), use them to find out the when and where, which will help narrow down your paging through.

Browse the Tasmania Birth, Death & Marriage Records 1803-1933 now.

These baptism records generally contain the following information:
– Name of child
– Date and place of baptism
– Names of parents
– Residence
– Father’s Occupation
– Gender

sample page of Tasmanian baptism records

sample page of Tasmanian baptism records

These birth records may contain the following information:
– Name of child
– Date and place of birth
– Name and surname of father
– Name and Maiden name of Mother
– Father’s occupation
– Date of registration

sample page of birth records from Tasmania

a sample page of birth records from Tasmania

These marriage records generally contain the following information:
– Name of bride and groom
– Date and place of marriage
– Age of bride and groom
– Occupation of groom
– Names of witnesses

a sample of early Tasmanian marriage records

a sample of a page of Tasmanian marriage records

a sample of later Tasmanian marriage records

sample of an alternate style Tasmanian marriage page

These death records generally contain the following information:
– Name of deceased
– Date of death
– Gender
– Age
– Occupation
– Cause of death
– Date of registration

sample page from the Tasmania death records

a sample page from the Tasmanian death records

These burial records generally contain the following information:
– Name of deceased
– Last residence
– Date of burial
– Age at burial
– Occupation of deceased

sample page from the Tasmanian burial records

a sample page from the Tasmanian burial records

Sure Tasmania is a small state, but it has a “long-for-Australian-standards” history, with many convicts being sent to Tasmania, with many more emigrating there to live, so it has a rich history.

And thanks to the Archive Office of Tasmania, who is truly a leader in the archives scene, for not only in preservation of these and the many, many  thousands of other historical documents they hold, but also for the fact that they are allowing the images to put online and FREE, as well a putting many on their own website recently. Now if only other Australian archives offices would follow suit!

Now for those that have family in other Australian states and just in case you weren’t aware of what other Australian BDM records are online, here’s the links to the relevant pages:
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Tasmania 1803-1933
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and you may find some links to Tasmania in the following FamilySearch collections:
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30 thoughts on “Tasmania Birth, Death & Marriage Records 1803-1933 Now Online

  1. Thanks, Alona, a great benefit to many.

  2. It is fabulous news isn’t it! I know I’ll be checking it out in more detail as soon as I can.

  3. Now the film I have on permanent loan at my local Family History Centre is going to languish, unlamented, at the back of the filing cabinet. Unfortunately it takes up valuable space.

  4. Oh Rosemary, well no doubt the film has had a good workout, so is due for a rest 😉

  5. W Cassimaty says:

    1803-1933? I thought wow! great! I can look for a birth in 1902. But no such luck.The records only go to 1899/1900. Will the rest come online or are there different date ranges for different events?

  6. If you look at the ‘combined list’ you find that the baptisms and burials do go up to 1933. However the marriages only go to 1899. As for if/when more are records likely to come online, that is a question to ask the Tasmanian Archives and/or FamilySearch.

  7. Hello, I want to go to say page 150 on births for 1850 in Hobart, so how do I get there without having to click through each page? I have tried typing in the page no in the square page box, but it doesn’t get me directly to it. Can you help?

  8. Hi Gail, when you go into a collection, and don’t want to page through one by one, you can type in a page number up in the box next to where it same IMAGE at the top of the picture (which sounds like what you were doing). When you do that, a little GO button will appear, so click that, or hit Enter, and you will be taken to that page.

  9. I take it the number in the right column is an archive number or record number. How do you get to see the complete record?

  10. Sorry – I am referring to a burial record. I have found what I wanted but not sure if I can go any further although there are examples of a complete record in each category-displayed here.

  11. Hi, I know my ancestors exist, how can the search happen so quick and why are they not listed.
    Cheers DB

  12. D. Bennett, you cannot “search” the Tas BDM images on FamilySearch as they are not indexed yet. Instead you can page through them page-by-page. Or if you know of someone that has the Tas BDM Pionner and Federations CDs you could ask them for a lookup, which would help narrow down the browsing.

  13. Kathleen Cook says:

    Why does this website say records up to 1933 are available to view when they’re not? Would be great to receive an answer to this question

  14. Kathleen, I’m not sure what you’re looking at if you say these records don’t go up to 1933. I’ve just rechecked and the Baptisms certainly do (see page 251), and the Burials do too (see page 285). However the Marriages don’t. Currently they only go up to 1899.

    Now not all areas around Tasmania are covered by these records, and it appears to be only one parish that has records up to 1933 (at this stage), but it’s a start. If you want more, you’d need to see if you can find someone who has the “Tasmanian Federation” Digger CD, so you might like to check with your local genie soc. or get in touch with the Tasmanian Registrar for BDMs.

  15. Kathleen Cook says:

    I was looking for a marriage certificate and birth certificate for 1933 I think the homepage of your website should contain the info you have just given me it is disappointing to think you are going to at last have information for your family tree research only to discover that certificates are not available after all

  16. Gay Pickering says:

    I was unable to find a Jewish marriage in Hobart in 1850. Are they not included in these records? If not is there anywhere else I could look.
    Kind regards

  17. Kathleen, just because it’s not online doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. And also the records on here are BAPTISMS that do go as late as 1933 are BAPTISMS, not BIRTHS – there is a big difference. So like I mentioned before check out the Digger disk, and look for the birth and marriage you’re after, which will then give you a reference number, so then you can order a copy of the certificate/s from the Tasmanian Archives.

  18. Hi Gay, for Jewish records I’m get in touch with the Australian Jewish Genealogical Society (http://www.ajgs.org.au/), and if you’re searching Tasmania (which presumably you are since you ended up here, you could also get in touch with the Tasmanian Archives (http://search.archives.tas.gov.au/) to see what they can recommend.

  19. Hi, I have found the index to Baptism records, and the name with the index number next to it, • RGD 39/01. Baptism index, 1838-1856, A-Z, but I cant find out how to access the actual record. I would be grateful for any help.
    Thank you.

  20. Sorry I must be missing something ,because I cannot get from 1900-1933 under HOBART…PAULv

  21. pat connors says:

    hi, I wish I could find out more about my grandfather and his siblings, as far as i know he had 6 brother and 1 sister, there could be more. his name is patrick, the family believe they lived at launceston. he had a sister mary who was murdered there on my grandfathers marriage certificate it says his fathers name was michael connors and his mothers name was mary dwyer. I have looked for their marriage in australia and havent found any. i have looked in most counties in Ireland and found nothing. at the moment I am looking in cork and I think mary and some of her children where born there and mary may have been married there, I think michael may have been born in limerick or tipperary. i thought i would have found some records on mary their daughter as she was murdered in launceston, but found nothing. yours pat connors

  22. While the information that is on FamilySearch is great, it is not complete, but it doesn’t claim to be complete. It is simply all that the Tasmanian Archives gave FamilySearch to put up. And as the old saying goes, “not everything is online, and don’t ever expect everything to be”.

    For further years that aren’t covered, I would be getting in touch directly with the Tasmanian Archvies http://www.linc.tas.gov.au/tasmaniasheritage.

  23. Gillian Clark says:

    Sadly the records do not appear to include any records after 1899 and hence not as indicated i.e. to 1933 or is there a clue to this I have missed? I am looking for a death certificate for 1920. Cheers and thanks Gillian

  24. Gillian, if you look at the ‘combined list’ you’ll find that the baptisms and burials do go up to 1933. However the marriages only go to 1899. But also not ALL areas are included for all of Tassie yet.

    You may be interested to know that just a couple of weeks ago findmypast.com.au have added the Tasm BDMs to their website. You might find the details you’re looking for there:

  25. George Lawson, ex chief Constable, Launceston, died1889, married to ex convict Elizabeth Williams

  26. Michael HOGAN says:

    As usual for Tassie 20 years behind the rest…..

  27. Robert Phillips says:

    Hi Alona, Nice resource. However, although your page shows an image of a birth (rather than baptism with birth) record, there is no link for plain vanilla births (as your image shows). The few ancestors I am seeking were Catholics, so would not be found in the baptism records of the Church of England. Please excuse me if I am wrong.

  28. Kevin Lawson says:

    I am trying to find details of the children of Private George Lawson, Chief constable of Launceston Tasmania
    from,1821 until his death in,1827
    I would like Marriage details and births of their children and their deaths??

  29. I typed in the name of an ancestor and received lots of information. Just when I was getting close to what I wanted, the site crashed. When I returned to the site, it stated that the name I was looking for had no entries. How frustrating!!

  30. I’m trying to find out if my great great great grandfather John Shanley who was born in 1813 in Roscommon Ireland , was buried at St. David’s buriel ground in Hobart when he died in 1853. Thank you.

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