logo - RootsTech 2013One of the mega genealogy events on the genealogy calendar is about to kick off later this week, and that is RootsTech. Held over three days (Thursday, Friday & Saturday), this event is the second largest genealogy event in the world, with currently over 5000 people registered to attend.

RootsTech 2013 has three days of non-stop talks and workshops (250+ talks scheduled), as well as a huge exhibition area, and I think there will be a heap of people wanting longer than three days just to get through it all. With 15 talks on at any one time, making a choice as to which one to go to will be a tough call.

But anyway why am I bothering to tell you about an event that on in the other side of the world? Simple, and here’s my three reasons:

1. I like to keep you all informed of what’s happening genealogy-wise anywhere in the world.

2. And as I’ll be kinda occupied for over a week with travelling and the being at RootsTech, you can expect to hear less from me (via blogs, Facebook, Twitters, Google+ etc), at least until I’m back. Though I will have some access at the hotel I’m staying at, but not sure how much I’ll even be there.

3. And thirdly, and most importantly as this is relevant to all of you: LIVESTREAMS!! Not everyone can attend RootsTech in person, so the organisers are once again going to Livestream some of the talks. This means that you can log on at the relevant time (after converting their time to your local time – see below), and watch the talks as they are happening. And yes, they are free.


The following are the RootsTech 2013 sessions that will be Livestreamed:

Thursday, March 21
8:30 am Keynote speakers: Dennis Brimhall, President and CEO of FamilySearch International, Syd Lieberman, Nationally Acclaimed Storyteller, Author, and Teacher, and Josh Taylor, Lead Genealogist at findmypast.com and President, Federation of Genealogical Societies
11:00 am The Future of Genealogy—Thomas MacEntee and panel
1:45 pm Tell It Again (Story@Home)—Kim Weitkamp
3:00 pm The Genealogist’s Gadget Bag—Jill Ball and panel
4:15 pm Finding the Obscure and Elusive: Geographic Information on the Web—James Tanner

Friday, March 22
8:30 am Keynote speakers: Jyl Pattee, Founder, Mom It Forward Media, and Tim Sullivan, President and CEO, Ancestry.com
9:45 am Researching Ancestors Online—Laura Prescott
11:00 am FamilySearch Family Tree—Ron Tanner
1:45 pm Google Search… and Beyond—Dave Barney
3:00 pm From Paper Piles to Digital Files—Valerie Elkins

Saturday, March 23
8:30 am Keynote speakers: David Pogue, Personal Technology Columnist, The New York Times, and Gilad Japhet, Founder and CEO, MyHeritage
9:45 am Using Technology to Solve Research Problems—Karen Clifford
11:00 am  Digital Storytelling: More Than Bullet Points—Denise Olson
12:40 pm Family History Consultant Training: Hearts Then Charts—Shipley Munson
1:45 pm Family History Consultant Training: Secrets of Success—Jim Greene

So now for those of you who cannot go, you can still ‘be a part of it’ from your own home. If you wish to work out what the time will be for your local area, go to Time & Date, or WorldTimeServer.com, and it can work it out for you. The picture below show the various times in Australia for 2.00pm in Salt Lake City.

Time&Date - Salt Lake City time to Aus time


The other way to keep up with news of what’s happening at RootsTech, is to follow the bloggers. I’m not going to list all of them here, as there are literally 100s of them attending.

But I will make a mention of the ‘Official RootsTech‘ bloggers, because you should keep an eye on their sites if you want to know what’s happening. And if you want to know what Aussies think of RootsTech 2013, be sure to check out those listed below, as these Aussie geneabloggers will most certainly be talking about it afterwards (if not during):
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Jennifer Jones – Tracking Down the Family
Liz Pidgeon – Infolass
Helen Smith – From Helen V Smith’s Keyboard
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