Reunion is a very high quality genealogy software program that is deliberately made for the Mac-user market. Having been around for over 20 years, this family tree program just gets better and better with each version, this latest version of Reunion (version 10) just cements that fact.

Having been 5 years or so years in the making, Reunion version 10 was a BIG update for the program and it shows with a new improved interface, easier ease of use (although it was easy to use anyway), intuitive navigation and data entry, extensive help files, drop-and-drag multimedia, places and sources, better web publishing as well as full iOS integration.

Short of you trying the program out for yourself which ultimately is the best way to find out if Reunion 10 is for you, here is a short 10 minute video on the Top 10 Features of Reunion 10.

I used Reunion many years ago when it was still available for the PC, and after watching the video I’m really wishing it was still available for the PC (sadly it’s not), and I can see why some of our customers have changed to Mac to still be able to use Reunion. And I can tell you that it still has the very clean, and easy to navigate feel to it that Reunion has always had.

And if it’s anything to go by, having sold many copies of Reunion over the years to our customers, I have NEVER had a customer complain about it.

Anyway here’s some more useful links for you:
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