Inspiring Genealogy Blogs – December 2012

The end of December is on us, and as December is notoriously busy for us at Gould Genealogy & History, I didn’t get to as much blog reading in the past month as I would have liked. Still of those that I did read, I found fascinating and inspiring and would like to share with you.

I know that I’ve mentioned before that I find that reading blog posts helps me keep up with the latest news, products as well as what’s happening in general in the world of genealogy. And if you happen to already follow me on Twitter, and to some extent Google+, you already know that I like to share with you the interesting things I read.

Anyway I hope you find the following Genealogy Blogs … useful, and well, inspiring.

Should You Get a DNA Test to Trace Family
This article written for the Lawton Constitution is on a topic that intrigues many, and that is the topic of DNA and genealogy.  The author of this article asks the question “should you get a DNA test to trace you family history?”, but has two very important questions that you should ask yourself before taking a test. Read on for more …

DNA Testing for my Family History
Still on the topic of DNA for gamily history, and well-known Australian geneablogger, speaker and author Judy Webster tells us about the DNA test she’s just ordered, and why she chose the text she did. Read on for more …

DNA Education the Easy Way
Now if you’re intrigued by the whole idea of DNA testing to further your genealogy, be sure to read The Legal Genealogist’s post (aka Judy G. Russell) on the topic. It is clear and easy to understand, and includes a heap of links to YouTube clips which the DNA testing companies have put out themselves. Read on for more …

Camera vs Scanner
This post on James L. Tanner’s Genealogy Star blog attracted my attention, as it is one that people have queried with me (ie. Should I get a flatbed scanner, or is my camera good enough)?  James goes into some detail, and give some examples. Read on for more …

Copyright and the Lost Letters
I do  seem to end up on Judy G. Russell ‘s The Legal Genealogist blog often. She does cover things in a legal sense, but also makes it very easy to understand. Take for instance the reader who bought a box at a local flea market and was enchanted to find that it contained more than 100 letters written during WWII by a Seabee to his girlfriend. The Seabee made it home safely after the war, and the girl he was writing to later became his wife. They lived locally for the rest of their lives, and the reader was able to find their obituaries. So the letters can’t be returned… but could they be published? Read on for more …

FamilySearch Books More than Books
When was the last time you visited FamilySearch? OK, maybe not that long ago. But when was the last time you clicked on the ‘BOOKS’ button on FamilySeach? Ummm … I’m guessing pretty much like me, and you really can’t remember. Randy Seaver from the Genea-Musing’s blog reminds us why this feature is so useful, and how we can use it to our advantage.  Read on for more …

Strange that we ended up with a number on DNA in the one month, yet from all different people. DNA included, there’s some great genealogy topics covered here, so grab yourself a cuppa have a great read.

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  1. I was surprised and flattered that you found my blog about DNA testing “inspiring”. Thanks for your encouragement! Like you, I enjoyed ‘Copyright and the Lost Letters’ – and I’m about to click through to read about cameras versus scanners, so thanks for bringing that to my attention.

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