Title: Copper Brought Them Here: A Collection of Citations of the District’s Pioneers Buried in the Kadina, Moonta and Wallaroo Cemeteries 2000-2011
Author: Edited Roslyn M. Paterson
Book: paperback, 108 pages
Year: 2011
ISBN: 9781921807152
Item Code: GGPRB002
Price: $25.00
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This book is a collection of 170 citations presented at the Dressing the Graves ceremonies at the Kernewek Lowender on Northern Yorke Peninsula from 2000-2011. Essentially being a biography of each person, the citations are fascinating accounts of emigration, life, love, marriage, children and death. The copper mines and smelters of this historic area attracted a large number of Cornish, Welsh, Irish, Scots, English, German, Prussian, Italian and American people.

Arranged alphabetically by surname for easy reference, you will find, miners, engine drivers, wharf labourers, seamen, fishermen, farmers, builders, stonemasons and mine stablehands are all mentioned, together with not only the ship they emigrated on, but many other biographical details. Dressmaking, midwifery, homemaking, religious teaching and shop keeping were some of the female occupations of those remembered. Religious conviction steadfastness, hope and charity formed part of the character of the people who settled on the Copper Coast. Early in the life of the event, the citations were added to the website www.kernewek.org but over time, the research team realised that the material gathered was historically significant and so this book with its grave-yard maps, photos of the people’s headstones and brief biographies came about. Initially historians used obituaries but later, descendants submitted their own material which was checked by Fellows of the South Australian Genealogy and Heraldry Society and a retired member of the Professional Historians Association of South Australia.

So if you want a good read of life on the mines and in the smelters and all it has to offer in the 150 years that this book covers, or if your you’ll want this book!

The Ceremony
– Kadina Cemetery
– Moonta Cemetery
– Wallaroo Cemetery
– The Children’s Graves
Appendix A. Criteria for ‘Dressing the Graves’
Appendix B. Symbolism in Cemeteries
A Select Bibliography

Here’s the list of all who are included in this book:
James, Irene & Harold Anderson
Mary Andrews
Sysannah Catherine Arthur
Thomas Banks
John Beaglehole
John & Ann Beare
John Henry Besanko
David Bews JP MP
William Henry Blackney
Garnet Leopold Boase
Cyril Ernest Charles Bollmeyer
Richard Borlace
Frederick Bottrill
Jonathan Bowering
Stephen Bowman
Jacob Bradley
Henry William Breaker
Sarah Brinkworth nee Roe
James Henry Brown
Thomas Ceduster Browning
John Bryden
Ern Bunney
Captain Nicholas George Burdge
Alexander D. K. Cameron
Caroline Carleton
Peter Knight Champion
James Thomas Chapman
George Chatfield
Arthur Ross Clayton
William Henry Collins
Samuel Gregory Cook
Joseph Cornelius
Susan Cornelius
Samuel Cottle
Henry Coulter
Lydia Coward
Spence Crosby
Herbert James Cross
George Thomas Crutchett
William Daw
Helen Drew
Catherine Lucy Dodd
Harry Doyle MM
Daniel Dunn
Alfred William Edge
Russell Filsell Elson
William Evans
William Farrell
Rafaello Favilla
Gustav Herbert Fiedler
Jessie Selina Fiedler
John French Folland
Maxwell Herman Frost
Barnes Funnell
Clara Furner-Taylor
Martha Rozena Gladys Emily Gale
James Galliford
Daniel Garland
John Gaskell
James Goldsworthy
Stephen Goldsworthy
Herbert Allen Green MM
Catherine Greig
John Griffiths
Catherine Grigg
Frederick W. Turner JP
Andrew Guthleben
Robert Stephen Haddy
Thomas Herme Hall JP
Frank Ethelbert Hancock
Sarah Hancock
Samuel Hand
Dr William Henry Harbison
Charles Hardy
John Harris
Richard Hayes
Ethel Jane Heath
Thomas Robert Heath
John Hill
Lloyd Clarence Hughes
Robert John Hughes
William James Hughes
James Jeffery
William Jenkins (and wife Sarah)
Captain Joseph Jolly
Captain Leyshon Jones
Joseph James Kemp
Jane Langdon
Robert Nesbit Learmond
Rev. John Lloyd
William Sydney London
Hiram Longmire
Isaac Leonard McLean D.C.M., MM
William John Major
James Malcolm
Marcus Mannheim
Samuel Denton Marshall
George Marsland & Mary Marsland
James Martin
Henry May
John Millard
Elsie Morphett
Edward Moyle
Mrs Lillie Nancarrow
Bennett Opie
William Opie
Seymour Rooke Page
Agnes Paine, Sister Anastasia Rsj
Esther [Tottie] Palmer
William Henry Brown Paterson
Walter Hamilton Paull
Collin James Pedder
Dorothy Perry
Mary Ann Phillips
Samuel Phillips
William J. Phillips
William John Phillips
Eliza Pyatt (nee Nancarrow)
Mary Ann Quintree (nee Datson)
Francis and Eliza (nee Yelland) Raymond
Thomas Morey Rendell
Alfred William Rivers
Jacob Roach
Paul Roach
Bridget Roe (nee Rennison)
Esther Rogers
Julius Meyer Rosenberg
Mrs Linda Rosewarne MBE
William James Rosewarne
Edwin Keith Russack
William James Sampson
Mary Eileen, and William John Saville
Anna Rosina Schilling
Margaret Melville Schröder
John Banks Sheperdson SM
Dr William Horatio Sholl
‘Curly Joe’ Simms
Mary Alice Simms
Captain Harriet Skinner
Ewart Tennyson Skinner
William Slee
Charlotte Sleep
Edward Sleep
Maureen Stevens
Mavis Stevens
James Stock
John Symons
Andrew Fyfe Taylore
James Thomas
John Henry Thomas
Robert Griffiths Thomas
Thomas Thorn
Keith Alwayn Tomlinson
Shooting Tommy
William Henry Toy
Sx 13419 Lieutenant Annie Merle Trenerry
Edwin Trezise
Thomas Trevan
Joseph Godfrey Trewartha
Edward Trye
Catherine Verran
The Honourable John Verran
Frank James Wakelin
Roy Irvin Wall
Martha Lavina Jane Warmington
William (Bill) Francis Wearn OBE, JP
Thomas Webster
John Emanuel Keen Wharton
Elizabeth Beatrice Whenan (nee Thomas)
Reg White
James Michael Whitburn
John Whitburn
William Henry Wilkinson JP
Thomas Williams
James Williamson
Peter Willis
Thomas Wilton
John Woods
William Henry Woolcock
Ottowell Worrall
Harold Douglas Luther Yeates