Cruise T-shirt – Slogan Competition

Make yourself known as an Unlock the Past cruiser on the 3rd History & Genealogy Cruise by wearing an Unlock the Past Cruise souvenir t-shirt. We had these available for the 1st cruise and they looked fabulous, were comfortable, and helped people identify members of  ‘our’ group, which when you’re on a ship that carries thousands of people, it is nice to be able to find others in our group.

The images above are of t-shirts from the 1st cruise, they look lovely a bright don’t they? As with the 1st cruise, we’d like to have the Unlock the Past logo embroidered on the front with a slogan printed on the back . The t-shirts from our March 2011 cruise had the slogan ‘I have found my past, it is the future I’m having trouble with’, which was a great slogan, but we are wanting something different for the next one.

For that one we held a competition to come up with a slogan, and we’d like to do the same again this time. So we are asking for your input, what cool slogan can you come up with for our next cruise? After asking around here our staff have come up with two possibilities (see the bottom of this post) to start the list off,  but we’re really after your suggestions. We’ll be listing all suggestions as they come in.

Now as you can imagine we have Christmas fast approaching, and many companies close down much of January, so we only have a few weeks to get this organised and orders in. So we’re giving you until November 16th (next Friday) to come up with a slogan. After that date we will have all slogans listed and you can vote. The slogan winner will get a free t-shirt, or if they’re not going on the cruise they’ll receive a $25.00 Gould Genealogy & History Gift Voucher.

The t-shirts (polo shirts actually) will be available to purchase on our website soon, so stay tuned.

And don’t forget to follow the 3rd History & Genealogy Cruise Facebook page, for the latest updates.

Feel free to send your slogans in by
phone: 1300 526 069
or comment on our Facebook page
or below on this blog

– Searching for our ancestors on land and sea
– All at sea with your family history

17 thoughts on “Cruise T-shirt – Slogan Competition

  1. Tammara Edwards says:

    Spending my future in the past

  2. cruising with our past

  3. More Mystery than Agatha Christie

  4. Thanks for the responses slogans, keep them coming 😉

  5. Genies do home work not house work

  6. Genealogists live in the past lane

  7. I only work on Genealogy on days that end in Y

  8. Helen – I’ve added both of those on to my list 😉

  9. There’s a family tree in my garden.

  10. I grow family trees.

  11. Geoff Doherty says:

    “My ancestors came by sea… So here I am lookin’ for ’em! At sea.

  12. All at sea with my family history

  13. Geoff Doherty says:

    My ancestors cruised the ocean waves. So am I … but not like them!

  14. Helen V Smith says:

    In Genealogy a step backward IS progress!

  15. Geoff Doherty says:

    A stormy past, a stormy sea.
    Family historians have seen it all,
    in Genealogy!

  16. I’ve added all of these to our list. Voting will start tomorrow.

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