For Aussie lovers of what I call ‘genealogy TV’, our Who Do You Think You Are? Australia Season 4 aired earlier this year. Since then we’ve had to be content with watching the UK and US vesions of Who Do you Think You Are?

Now we all knew that there was a Season 5 of Who Do You Think You Are? Australia was in the works, and I can now let you know a little more about who the celebrities on it will be …

Firstly it is being extended from 6 episodes, to 8 episodes, and we’re currently only being told of 6 celebrities, with two surprises to follow (oh the suspense) …

Those that are announced are:
Don Hany, actor
Asher Keddie, actress
Adam Hills, Comedian
Rove McManus, comedian
Michael Caton, actor
Lex Marinos, actor

As of yet I don’t have any starting date, except that it is expected sometime in 2013, but keep an eye in our email newsletter, or on Twitter or Facebook, as we’ll announce it everywhere when we find out.