Scarborough is a coastal suburb of Perth, Western Australia, and is located approximately 14km northwest of the city centre. This suburb and was named after the English beach resort Scarborough, in North Yorkshire. The lovely people from Storyfire have introduced me to “Chronicle Scarborough”. This is a brand new exciting project, that aims at documenting the history of this Perth suburb, and they need your help.

Now I don’t have to tell you (our readers) how important recording the local history of places is, but as Perth was founded in 1829, Scarborough has a relatively (in Australia’s terms) long history, which deserves to be recorded.

Now rather than me tell you more about the project, Storyfire have sent me the following which details it so well:

Chronicle Scarborough brings to life hidden histories through a web of personalised and interactive local stories. The project will explore the stories of everyday people and create a number of multi-disciplinary events that challenge our notion of history.

Much of Scarborough’s history has been forgotten with few historic buildings left along The Esplanade, although the area has been an active seaside village since the early 1900s. As the years go by we are under threat of losing first-person histories relating to the era prior to Scarborough today such as the Bathing Beauties of the 1950s, the Wardens of the war era and the people who experienced the thrills and excitement of Luna Park.  It is imperative to record these stories of Scarborough life before they are lost.

Chronicle Scarborough is an opportunity to create an online community that reflects the vibrant and dynamic groups of people who reside in or frequent the area, visit or plan to visit.  We aim to develop the online experience into a programme of interactive digital events that can be experienced in unique locations along the coastal strip.

Chronicle Scarborough will be launching in October 2012 with an online web portal, series of Community Storytelling Workshops and a weekly Storybooth where the community can drop in to share their stories or connect with the project.

To introduce the project, Storyfire are hosting an information session about Chronicle Scarborough tomorrow. Please RSVP if ou wish to attend, or phone (08) 9205 8946. More info about the Museum can be found on their website.
when: Wednesday 5th September, 2.00pm
where: Mount Flora Regional Museum, Watermans Bay, WA

Chronicle Scarborough is produced by Storyfire with assistance from ScreenWest and Lotterywest. If you are able to help out with memories, reminiscense or even memorabilia from the area, please get in touch with Storyfire, they’d love to hear from you.

You can find out more about Storyfire from their website, and you stay up to date with all of their news at or on Twitter @storyfirewa.