If you’re stuck with what to give your genealogy-mad dad for Father’s Day, we have the p-e-r-f-e-c-t gift.

If he doesn’t already have a copy of Google Your Family Tree by Dan Lynch, trust me this is the go. I admit that pretty much everyone knows (in general) how to use Google to search, but trust me this book will give you a whole new level of knowledge on how to REALLY search, as well as teach you things that you didn’t even know Google could do.

This book teaches you how to:

– Use Basic and Advanced search operators to filter results
– Find published information about your family history using dozens of powerful techniques
– Discover visuals to help illustrate your family story using Google Images and Video
– Explore your ancestral homeland, from countryside to neighbourhood, with Google Maps and Google Earth
– Conduct research in historical newspapers using Google News Archive
– Set up automated searches using Google Alerts
– Use Language Tools to find and translate foreign content
– Make the most of the top free websites for genealogy

Google Your Family Tree uses family history as its topic for the subject, but the concepts learnt in this book can be applied to searching for ANYTHING though Google.

Now if you apply all this new knowledge on how to really search to your family history – you’ll be amazed at what different sites come up, as well as how easy it is to narrow things for more relevant results. And so far I have not met a single person who has read the book and can say that it hasn’t taught them something, and improved their family tree searching as a result.

This book is not only great for your dad, it’s great for you too as with our Father’s Day sale it is currently 50% off the usual price, so is just $19.95 until Sunday 2nd September. Please note freight is $7.95  (within Australia). Click here to buy a copy now.