Week 14 of the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge brings us up to the letter ‘N’.

As with each week, the one rule of this Challenge is that you need to use the current letter of the week and connect it to someone or something relating to your family history, and this weeks letters is ‘N‘. So a place, a person, or a thing relating to family history that starts with the letter N! The choice is entirely yours … and throughout this Challenge, we’ve had so many great topics already.

Even though we’re now halfway through the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge, if anyone new wants to join in please feel free to do so. Join us for one or two letters, or the rest of the alphabet, whatever works for you. We’d love for you to join us.

Just a reminder that you can view all the geneabloggers posts for each letter by going to that letter’s page, and scrolling to the bottom – they’re all listed there.

We will list all posts from fellow geneabloggers for the letter “N” below. If you’re a tweeter, and wish to contribute or just follow the topic, follow the #fhalphabet hashtag. On Facebook, you can comment under each letter’s post.

If you do have any queries regarding the Challenge, feel free to email Alona at alona@gould.com.au.

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Here’s the contributions from the genealogy blogging community. I’ve listed the blog name alphabetically, followed by the post:


A History of Four Families, Family History Through the Alphabet – N is for Nicolet, New Monkland, and N States
A Pocket Full of Family Memories, Family History Through The Alphabet Challenge : N is for… Ellen ‘Nellie’ Jolly
AncestorChasing, N is for … Nhill
Australian Genealogy Journeys, N is for Northumberland – Family History Through the Alphabet – Week 14
Dance Skeletons, N is for… NIGS
Discovering Latvian Roots, N is for New Style
Discovering Latvian Roots, Ņ is for Ņižņijnovgoroda
Family History Across the the Seas,  Family History Alphabet: N is for… Notetaking, Navigating and more
Family History Fun, N is for Names and Newspapers – A-Z Challenge
Finding Eliza, N is for North Martindale
From Helen V Smith’s Keyboard, N is for Numbers
Geniaus, Family History Through the Alphabet – N is for …Browser
lonetester HQ, Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge: N is for … Never-Ending New Stuff and New Jersey
Olga’s Genealogy, Genealogy by means of the alphabet – N [translated from Dutch]
Seeking Susan ~ Meeting Marie ~ Finding Family, Nn is for – No News on the “Nashwauk” anchor
Strong Foundations, N is for NO TIME
Tracking Down the Family, Family History Through The Alphabet: Letter N
What’s Past is Prologue, N is for Napoleon
Who’s Youre Grammie?, N is for Nana, Salome Knecht