Genealogy magazines … I love reading them! I don’t there is a single mag I’ve read, where I haven’t picked up a useful hint or tip, or fabulously useful website from.

The only downside to subscribing to numerous genealogy magazines does mean that they have a tendency to all arrive in the same week (or close to it). Not that that’s a bad thing, but I usually haven’t finished one by the time more arrive 🙂 Anyway it does mean that bedtime reading is “genealogy magazine reading time”, and as I like to read them cover-to-cover it does keep me going all month, till the next lot arrive.

I thought I’d give you a short rundown on each of the latest issues of the magazines that have arrived in my mailbox recently:

Australian Family Tree Connections (June 2012)
Issued monthly,  the Australian Family Tree Connections magazinae (or AFTC as it is commonly known) contains 64  pages of  articles, adverts, coming events, websites, letters to the editor, surname register and a whole heap more.

This June 2012 issue, contains articles on:
– Do you recognise this ship?
– The ‘Royal Charter’s’ last journey to Australia
– Ambulance man Jim Doyle
– Finding Margaret Harris
– Yerranderie Scrolls, a mine of information now digitised
– Sarah McDonald, convict
– Charles Palmer and Mary Ann Sharp
– Emigrant, John Eldridge and his grandson
– the Best practices in assessing historic and heritage cemetery gravestones
– Thomas Henry Darlington
– Mothers
– Turn your Family History into a book Part 4: Other pages, ISBN and Legal Deposit
Available: from many newsagents around Australia and New Zealand
Cost: AUD$6.95, $NZ$7.95 per issue


Inside History Magazine No. 10 (May-June 2012)
Although it is Australia’s newest genealogy and history magazine, Inside History magazine is proving itself with it’s quality content and presentation in every issue.

Issued bi-monthly, Inside History is 74 pages of articles, letters to the editor, coming events, news from the history and genealogy world, guest society, competitions and a whole bunch more.

In this latest issue No. 10 (May-Jun 2012) you’ll find:
– Cemeteries: preservation success stories, and new resources
– Did your ancestor travel to the Klondike to strike it rich in the 1890s? Read the exclusive new research
– Meet the volunteers who’ve traced the descendants of those who died on HMAS Kuttabul in 1942
– Explore The Australian Women’s Weekly, now digitised for Trove
– Find out how Phryne Fisher creator, Kerry Greenwood, researches her murder mysteries
– Find details of 50 genealogy blogs you need to follow
– Discover Historypin: Which is touted as the next great community archive
– Plus, there’s a fantastic Flip-Pal™ scanner to be won!
Available: from a number of newsagents and other sellers around Australia and New Zealand
Cost: AUD$10.50, NZ$15.00 per issue


Internet Genealogy (June-July 2012)
The Internet Genealogy magazine is a fav. of mine, but isn’t well known here is Oz, as it’s not readily available. – well, not without subscribing to it anyway.

Issued bi-monthly this magazine is 54 pages of the latest internet sites, techy tips for genealogists, genie apps and other similar topics in that genre.

This latest issue of Internet Genealogy has the following topics:
– Canadian Census: Hollywood Style
– Passenger Lists
– Annual Scanning Update
– Top Sites for Immigration
– NetNotes
– website gets reviewed
– Save Every Step: this online tool for sharing life stories gets reviewed
– Muskoka genealogy
– Millers in the family
– Family History Writing App
– GRAMPS review
– Discover Public Libraries
– Mocavo review
Available: from the Internet Genealogy website
Cost: US$6.50 per issue


Your Family History No. 117 (June 2012)
Called Your Family Tree magazine in the UK, and Your Family History magazine for those that are sent overseas, this magazine is issued monthly, and is one that I have subscribed to since Issue 1.

The major focus of this month’s issue is 20th Century records, but you’ll also find the following included in this issue:
– Lancashire resources
– Canadian kin and more
– look are pre-census records
– and with privacy restrictions and the destruction of other records, you’ll find the best techniques and alternative sources to help you discover the stories of your 20th-century family.
– YFT’s Paul Reed has been working on the latest genealogical TV show War Hero in My Family, and in an exclusive interview he reveals how the series can give you tips for your WWII research
– We mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with a look at life in 1952
– and look at firefighting family, those who were transported to America and Australia
– substitutes for Irish censuses
– and photo expert Audrey Linkman shows you how to delve into your old family snaps!
Available: from newsagents throughout Australia and New Zealand
Cost: AU$10.00?? per issue (this is a guess, as I have a subscription I haven’t checked to see what the current price at the newsagent is, but I see that has it listed at $8.48/issue if you subscribe for a year)

So that’s the latest genealogy magazines I have to read, now I’m off to continue reading them.

What’s your fav. genie mags?