As Debra from ‘A Pocket Full of Family Memories‘ blog wrote recently … ‘welcome to another week in the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge’. This week the letter is G.

I won’t repeat the whole of the original post as you can read here … but we are looking for genealogists worldwide who are bloggers, Facebookers, and/or Tweeters to join in us in taking the Family History Through the Alphabet challenge. It’s not hard, you just need to use the current letter for the week (this week’s letter is G), and connect it to someone, something, or a topic relating to your family that you’d like write about.

So far just a few examples that we’ve had are: streets that ancestors have lived in, genealogy apps, ancestors and their achievements – or what they mean to us, stories of life and death, attributes for family historians, genealogy software, emigrants, historical photographs of people and towns, old documents, food, countries, websites and records.

For those that are blogging, I’m compiling a list of each letters posts – which I’ll add under this entry. If I happen to have missed anyone’s please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Particularly for bloggers coming up with a topic, and sitting down and doing each week can be a challenge, so please don’t feel that you have to participate in EVERY letter if you don’t want to.

A note for the geneabloggers: please note that as I’m a co-organiser of the Unlock the Past Queensland Expo, which is on next week in Brisbane, I may be a bit slow linking to your posts. I do apologise if I am, and I’ll do my best while at the event – but I know how hectic these events can be. But if I do get behind, I’ll shall catch up later in the week when I return.

If anyone has any queries, please feel free to write to me at

So go ahead, and tell us what ‘G’ means in your family history …

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Below are the contributions from the geneablogger community, alphabetical by the name of the blog, followed by the title of the post. If you’re on twitter, and wish to contribute or just follow the topic, follow the #fhalphabet hashtag.

100 Years in America, G is for Grammy’s Gravestone
A History of Four Families, Family History Through the Alphabet – G is for Grandparents
A Pocket Full of Family Memories, Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge: G is for … my grandmother’s gloves
AncestorChasing, G is For …… Gorgeous new Grandson
Anglers Rest, Family History Through The Alphabet Challenge: G is for….. Genealogy
Are My Roots Showing?, G is for … GENEABUDDY!
Australian Genealogy Journeys, G is for Gilmore and Guinane – Family History Through the Alphabet – Week 7
Dance Skeletons, G is for … George Clooney
Digging Up the Ancients, Family history through the alphabet – G is for Geography
Discovering Latvian Roots, G is for German
Discovering Latvian Roots, Ģ is for Ģenerālgubernators
Family History Across the Seas, Family History Alphabet: G is for guts, gumption and generosity
Family History Fun, G is for Gripe, Groan, Grumble – plus Gratitude
Family Stories: Photographs and Memores, Friday’s Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge – G is for Gravestone
Finding Eliza, “G” is for Grand River Avenue
From Helen V Smith’s Keyboard, G is for Golden Casket
GenBlog, Family History Through the Alphabet – Genealogical Standards
Genealogy Tips and News, The Letter G—Family History Through The Alphabet Challenge
Geniaus, Family History Through the Alphabet – G is For …Shameless Self Promotion
lonetester HQ, Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge: G is for Gumeracha
My Ancestors and Me, G is for Gerner – Family History through the Alphabet
Olga’s Genealogy, Genealogy by means of the alphabet – G [translated from Dutch]
Seeking Susan ~ Meeting Marie ~ Finding Family – Gg – is for Grave concerns…
Seeking Susan ~ Meeting Marie ~ Finding Family, More Grave Concerns but of the happy kind
Spirits of the Old, Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge~ G is or Gordon
Strong Foundations, G is for Grandfather Gordon
Tracking Down the Family, Family History Through The Alphabet Challenge: The Letter G
UK / Australia Genealogy, G is for Gypsies, GENUKI and Gold Coast
Unveiling My Past, G is for Genealogy Forms
What’s Past is Prologue, G is for Google
Who’s Your Grammie, G is for Gram Good
Yarra Plenty Genealogy, G is for Gravestones