The weeks are flying by, and we’re already up to the letter ‘D’ in the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge.

If you’ve just discovered our “Alphabet Challenge“, please feel free to join in. It’s not hard, you just need to use the current letter for the current week (A, B, C etc. whatever we’re up to, right through to Z), and connect it to someone, something, or a topic relating to your family that you’d like write about.

I’m totally loving the creativity of those who are taking part, on Facebook, Twitter and the geneabloggers. Already there has been everything from emigrant ships, attributes, alphabets, home towns, war memorials, websites, convicts, family heirlooms, very special ancestors even a sad story of being buried alive. And of course something all true genies can relate to  … Addicted to genealogy.

Now it is time for the letter “D”
So tell us what D is for …

As with the earlier alphabet letters, we will list all posts from geneabloggers for the letter “D’ below. If you’re a tweeter, and wish to contribute or just follow the topic, follow the #fhalphabet hashtag. On Facebook, you can comment under each letter’s post.

If you do have any queries regarding the Challenge, feel free to email Alona at

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Here’s the contributions from the genealogy blogging community. I’ve listed the blog name alphabetically, followed by the post:

100 Years in America, D is for Donja Dubrava and the Drava River
A Pocketful of Family Memories, Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge : D is for…
AncestorChasing, D is for … Dance Skeletons
Ancestors Live Here, Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge ~ D
Anglers Rest, Family History Through The Alphabet Challenge: D is for… Discovery
Are My Roots Showing?, D is for … DRILLER!
Australian Genealogy Journeys, D is for Davey, Dunne and Duggan – Family History Through the Alphabet – Week 4
Dance Skeletons, D is for …
Digging Up the Ancients, Family history through the alphabet – D is for Deceased
Discovering Latvian Roots, D is for Denmark
Family History Across the Seas, Family History Alphabet: D is for dedication, determination and discernment
Family History Fun, D is for Discoveries, Disappointment, Doubts, Drama and Detail – A-Z Family History Challenge
Family Stories: Photographs and Memories, Friday’s Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge” – D is for “Dog Tags”
Finding Eliza, D is for Dexter
From Helen V Smith’s Keyboard, D is for Death and Diphtheria
GenBlog, Family History Through the Alphabet – Diigo
Genealogy Tips and News, The Letter D—Family History Through The Alphabet Challenge
Geniaus, Family History Through the Alphabet – D is … not for fingers and toes
Leafing Through Linda’s Tree, D is for … Doris
lonetester HQ, Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge: D is for Dropbox
My Ancestors and Me, D is for Details – Family History Through the Alphabet
Olga’s Genealogy, Genealogy by means of the alphabet – D [translated from Dutch]
Queensland Genealogy, D is for Dunwich Benevolent Asylum
Seeking Susan ~ Meeting Marie ~ Finding Family, Dd – is for Delightful, Delicious & Delectable
Spirits of the Old, Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge~ D is For
Strong Foundations, D is for DETERMINED and DEDICATED
Tracking Down the Ancestors, Family History Through The Alphabet Challenge: The Letter D
Twigs of Yore, D is for Details
Unveiling My Past, D is for Dow
What’s Past is Prologue, D is for Double Cousins
Yarra Plenty Genealogy, D for Documents Online