Can you believe it’s been a week already since we started the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge, and what a fun week it was.

We’ve had great responses on Facebook, Twitter, and the geneablogging community. Thank you to everyone who participated. I loved the topics that people have come up with, and I was blown away by the number who are participating.

But it is a great topic, and a wonderful way to remember and share something about your heritage.

So let’s get on to ‘B’,
What will your letter B relate to?

It could be a an ancestral place, a ship name, an heirloom, or one of your ancestors. Let the creativity flow. You can have just one topic, or more. There’s no rules, other than whatever you write about has to start with the letter B.

As we did with letter A, posts from the geneablogger community will be listed under below. And if you’re a tweeter, and wish to contribute or just follow the topic, follow the #fhalphabet hashtag. On Facebook, you can comment under each letter’s post.

If you do have any queries regarding the Challenge, feel free to email Alona at

So get your thinking cap on and tell us “in my family history B is for …?”

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Here’s the posts for the letter B, from the genealoggers. I’ve listed their blog name, together with their blog post.

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