Introducing ‘History Queensland’ Magazine

Let me introduce to you a new magazine that has hit the streets “History Queensland“. Issued quarterly, the first issue came out in October 2011, with Issue 2 released in February this year. And really, the name really says it all! It is a magazine that contains articles and information about Queensland’s history.

Created by the people at Boolarong Press who have been publishing Australian non-fiction history books for over 30 years. As history is their passon, the purpose of the magazine is to increase the knowledge of readers about Queensland’s history, and to provide interest and entertainment. This will be done with professional and amateru historians sharing their research in the pages.

If you want to see what the magazine is like, page through the sample of Issue 2.

The cost is $4.95 per issue, and you can buy it online through Boolarong Press’s website, or at selected newsagents.




2 thoughts on “Introducing ‘History Queensland’ Magazine

  1. Keith R. Dawson says:

    I have not seen your magazine in any newsagency since I purchased issue3 are you still publishing?
    Would Boolarong Press be interested in Publishing my book The founding of Sydney? I maintain that Australia was developed by and for the Whaling industry. Endeavour was a Whaling Industry ship veryfying the East India Sailors stories about whales . the Boston tea Party was a whaling ploy that was overtaken by events and other organisations. Could be serialised in Magazine.

  2. Hi Keith, from a quick check of the History Queensland website, the “History QUeensland” magaszine is currently up to Issue 7. You can find details about subscribing, or buying back issues here:

    And about your book, you’d need to contact Boolarong Press and ask them if they’re interested:

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