Date Finder is a brand new App that’s is a research tool for genealogists. Made for use on an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, let’s suppose you have two source documents and you are trying to determine whether they are referring to the same person.

Key in the date and age of the person from the first document. You can then quickly and easily scroll to any other date or age on the second document to determine if the dates and ages align. If they do then the documents probably refer to the same person.

It is important to remember that they may be one year out if one document was recorded prior to the persons birth date and the other after.

The iPad version also includes a handy relationship chart.

screenshot from Date Finder on the iPad

screenshot of Date Finder on the iPhone

The Date Finder app is available from the iTunes store for US$0.99.

Created by Australian company, Solution Support Services, contact them if you require more information.