You may remember that back in November 2011 I wrote a post on Give Away 20 Years of the Society of Genealogists Magazine, in which we were looking for a good home for these magazines to go to.

We did have an immediate response, and sent these magazines off to the Dalby Family History Society at the request of a member or user of their services. While the Dalby Society was very grateful for the donation, due to very limited space the Group has, they felt we should help them find another new home.

So here’s your second chance to grab 20 years of the Society of Genealogists magazine. They cover the period 1981-2000 with only a couple of issues missing. It’s an amazing collection, one that doesn’t come up very often.

The request of the original donor still applies, that these are to go to a public organisation (library, society or group), and are to be accessible to the public.

As mentioned before they are FREE, and are to be taken as a set, but we do ask that the Society pays the postage costs. The whole collection weighs 7kg, so to give you an idea of freight costs we’ve listed the cost for city regions below. Country regions obviously are higher, please contact for details.
Adelaide – $7.95
Brisbane – $14.50
Melbourne – $11.80
Perth – $17.50
Sydney – $12.50
Tasmania – $20.00

If your Group, Society or organisation is interested in this collection, please send an email to, together with details of your group.