Christmas time is approching, and for many that means a busy, busy Christmas Day, followed by some time off afterwards.

My copy of January 2012 Australian Family Tree Connections magazine has arrived just time for some holiday reading.

This issue contains the following artilces and stories:  The Mist of Hardship, which tells of the search for Robert May;  Happy New Year, Daddy, which is a portrait photograph of Frank Dare Jennings. You’ll read about James Middleton, publican who literally shot himself in the foot! And Susannah Harriet (Pike) Harris and her tapestry. You’ll see a photograph of the Julie Marie Abbot’s “Mrs Browning Birthday Book”. Deb (Greening) Kreiger has written a long article about Willie Augustine Greening who was born at Hamley Bridge in April 1882.

And there’s a whole bunch of compelling reasons on WHY you should join a Genealogy or Historical Society? and the benefits of doing so. The article on Genealogists and Philatelists shows you that sometimes you’ll find information and connections in surprising places. Ross Hartley’s article on Ethics and Managing the Long-Dead does make for an interesting read.

And maybe you an you help someone out with information on ‘Old Nan’ Sarah (Billinghurst) Sheridan? or William James Willis?

The Computers and Genealogy section has a heap of webiste, sich a the South Australian BDMs which are on the Family History SA website, the British newspaper Archive, and Find Free Maps. Cora Num’s listing of Family History of Historical Societies in Australia is highlights, so it the Federation of Australian Historical Societies together with a heap more.

These are combined with all the regular features such as:

– Can you help?
– Area research
– Family histories
– Family reunions
– For Sale
– Genealogy services
– Missing ancestors
– Missing relatives (living)
– Odds and ends
– One-Name studies
– Wanted
– Where to go
– Genealogy news
– Letters to the editor
– New resources
– Surname register
– What’s on this month

Issued monthly this magazine is on sale at newsagents, and family history societies around Australia (price Aus $6.95, and price NZ $7.95). New Zealand and overseas readers can buy this month’s magazine directly from Australian Family Tree Connections. Subscriptions and back issue can also be purchased directly through AFTC.