The Society of Genealogists (SoG) is a UK-based society founded in 1911. As do most Societies, it has a quarterly journal. The “Genealogists’ Magazine” was first produced in 1925, and is STILL produced today. We have been fortunate enough to be asked to find 20 years of this exclusive magazine a good new home.

We all know the value of genealogy journals and magazines, and what wonderful clues and information they can hold. With these 20 years of magazines … that’s right, 20 YEARS … we were given one specific request, and that was to give them away to a Society that REALLY wants them.

This is an almost complete run of 20 years of the Genealogist’s Magazine from 1981 through 2000 (only missing 2 issues).

The volumes included are:
Volume 20 Issues 5-12 (March 1981-December 1982)
Volume 21 Issues 1-12 (March 1983-December 1985)
Volume 22 Issues 1-12 (March 1986-December 1988)
Volume 23 Issues 1-12 (March 1989-December 1991)
Volume 24 Issues 1-12 (March 1992-December 1994)
Volume 25 Issues 1-12 (March 1995-December 1997) (missing issues 6 and 9)
Volume 26 Issues 1-12 (March 1998-December 2000)

As mentioned before they are FREE, and are to be taken as a set, but we do ask that the Society pays the postage costs. The whole collection weighs 7kg, so to give you an idea of freight costs we’ve listed the cost for city regions below. Country regions obviously are higher, please contact for details.
Adelaide – $7.95
Brisbane – $14.50
Melbourne – $11.80
Perth – $17.50
Sydney – $12.50
Tasmania – $20.00

The Society’s own “Genealogists’ Magazine’ page, gives links to indexes from Volume 1, Issue 1 (Apr 1925) through to Volume 25, Issue 8 (Dec 1996). These indexes are to surnames of people, or families who were the subject of major articles in the magazines.

If your Society is interested in taking good care of this amazing FREE collection of Genealogists’ Magazines, and is willing to pay the postage, please send an email to Alona at We only have the one set, so it’s first in first served.

UPDATE:  2 November, 12.20pm These  magazines have found have a new home at the Dalby Family History Society in Queensland, and will be there soon.