Now I know my UK friends will snigger when they read this post, as they’ve have the pleasure of getting their copy of Your Family Tree  Magazine (or as it it known here, Your Family History Mag) as soon as is comes off the press.

Down here in Oz, we have a BIG lot of sea between us and the rest of the world, so things do take time to get to us. But I did have the pleasure of receiving my copy of YFT 107 in the mail yesterday (which I must say was perfectly timed, since I’m currently traveling to Victoria for the Unlock The Past Victorian Expo, which from Adelaide is about an 8-9 hour drive … so it’s been great reading.

And let me tell you this issue is packed with fascinating reading. First up is an article about discovering your ancestor’s childhood through school reports, medical documents, parish records and more. In the Occupations section covers Brewery workers and their records. Digging for victory takes a look at “allotments”, and growing your own veggies as our ancestors did.

There is a fascinating letter to the editor, which gives a whole different perspective to the 100 year rule. You get an insight into the National Maritime Museum’s new wing and library together with it’s new records.

There is an article on how to get started with your overseas births. This covers Australia, Canada, India, and New Zealand records covered. You’ll read about the untimely death of Frank Jordan, analytical chemist, and how further details of his life and death were discovered.

Chris Paton (author of our Discovering Scottish Church Records book and the amazing Scottish GENES blog) writes an extensive article on the UK records pre-census and pre-civil registration. In this he discusses the various types of records available, as well as websites which will you with your search.

Your Family History Magazine is ALWAYS a great read, but trust me Issue 107 excels itself, and if you only buy the occasional issue, this one is well worth the cost. Available in Australia from many newsagents … go on, do something for yourself and buy this issue.

UPDATE: This blog post was written on Thursday the 1st of September, but due to the busyness of the Unlock the Past Victorian Expo, I didn’t get a chance to post it until now (Saturday 3rd of September).