New Website Coming Soon

I was reading the latest news from today, when I noticed a snippet on the bottom about the ‘new’ website that is coming soon.

For those who don’t subscribe to their email newsletter, here’s their announcement:

“We are excited to announce that later this year we are launching our new and improved website. The new site will include many new features to make searching for your family history easier and more enjoyable! And what is really exciting is that we will also be doubling the existing number of records currently available meaning there will be a whole lot more information to help you with your research! To keep up to date with news about the new site please ‘Like’ our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter!”

So if anyone was thinking that didn’t seem to be releasing many records recently … this would be why!! And it’s all for a good cause … a new, improved and hugely expanded website.

This is exciting times for Australian genealogy. I can’t wait!! Now I just need to find time to do my own family history!!

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