Let me tell you, spending 8 hours in a vehicle driving back from Geelong (Victoria) to Adelaide (South Australia), is the perfect time to catch up on reading. And at last week’s Unlock The Past Victorian Expo I was so excited to see Issue 6 of the Inside History Magazine available, hot off the press, and even before it’s made it to the shops.

Until recently I had two fav genie mags (you know the ones that you subscribe to, and read cover to cover). Those were the English ‘Your Family History’ magazine, and the US ‘Internet Genealogy’ magazine. Now I am pleased to say that Inside History magazine has been added to that list.

Inside History magazine Issue 6 is a military special and starts off (on the inside cover) with a big advert from Unlock the Past on their WWII 70th Anniversary of the Bombing of Darwin Tour in 2012. Neil Smith continues the military theme by taken a look at the impact of the British law on Australian troops who served in the Boer War. We read about James Mather, KIA in Belgium in 1917, and the archaeology, history and science that has gone into solving a family’s 93 year mystery. The Kokoda Trail is infamous and a part of Australia’s WWII history, but why are so many taking on the trek? The My Kokoda study explains.

Did you know that in October it is 60 years since the Korean War? On October 6-7 veterans and their families join military historians from around the world in Canberra at the Australian War Memorial for an international conference on the Korean War.

While Issue 6 is a military special, it contains far more than just that. You must read the article about the history of coffee and coffee houses in Australia. And I must say that the Royal Australian Mint’s convict heritage sites collection of coins is a wonderful way to honour such an important part of Australia’s heritage.

Everyone will love this story. If you’ve had amazing finds of historical items from a visit to a secondhand store or antiques dealer, or fair, you’ll know the excitement that Jane Harding from Queensland felt when she discovered some old photographs and a postcard relating to her family.

Phossy jaw, Painters colic, Weils disease and Q Fever – a regular in the Australian genealogy scene, Helen V. Smith asks “how healthy was your ancestor?” and looks at some of the more common occupational hazards.

Regular features of the magazine include:

– Postie’s here! (your thoughts, your say)
– Bob’s Your Uncle: (Network with other descedants and resear ochers)
– Way back when … (Historical events and happenings)
– What’s on (Events on around the country)
– Which website? (visits some sites worth bookmarking)
– Profiles of historical and family history societies (this issue covers Broadford, Victoria)
– The book shelf (The latest and greatest to hit the shops)
– One picture … 1000 memories (The story behind the image)

All of this packed into 74 pages, guarantees you a great read. Still not convinced? Inside History even offer you a sneak peek of Issue 6.

You can buy Issues 1-5 from us:
Inside History Magazine Issue 1: Nov-Dec 2010
Inside History Magazine Issue 2: Jan-Feb 2011
Inside History Magazine Issue 3: Mar-Apr 2011
Inside History Magazine Issue 4: May-Jun 2011
Inside History Magazine Issue 5: Jul-Aug 2011

Or, you can subscribe to the magazine by going to the Inside History website:
Aus $12.50 / NZ$15.00 per issue
Aus $31.50 / NZ $45.00 6 month subscription
Aus $63.00 /NZ $90.00 12 month subscription

‘Inside History’ is for people passionate about Australian and New Zealand history and heritage, whether it’s their family’s ancestry, or in a broader social context.