K & Co’s Ancestry.com 12×12 Pedigree Chart – Last Supplies

I received some bad news today, I found out today that the K & Company Ancestry.com 12×12 Pedigree Chart paper, which is not only one of our favourites, but this pedigree chart paper is also a favourite with our family tree scrapbooking customers, and has now been discontinued.

One the plus side, I did just receive a large shipment of it – but this will be the last that we can get, as the Australian distributor is out of stock.

So for all existing, or want-to-start Family Tree Scrapbookers, now is your chance to grab this pedigree chart paper while you can!!!

It really is a beautiful way to present 4 generations of your family. I suggest doing one for yourself, and one or two for a gifts … it makes a fabulous present.

You can order this on our website, and while you’re there you might like to check out the hundreds of other papers, stickers, kits etc. that we have for family tree scrapbooking, and heritage scrapbooking.

4 thoughts on “K & Co’s Ancestry.com 12×12 Pedigree Chart – Last Supplies

  1. Looking for the Family Group Charts that were part of this series to complete my family scrapbook. Let me know if you find any.

  2. Sorry, we’ve sold out of this particular paper and as they are out of print, we are unable to get anymore. I had a look at Genealogy Today’s store, and they don’t list this paper, but they do list this partiular paper, but they have a lot of others scrapbooking papers that are out of print. So you could always dounble check with them. http://store.genealogytoday.com/index.html

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  4. Would like o know if I could get 4 pages of the Pedigree chart 12 x 12 646063 to finish my grandchildrens family trees?

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