Calling all reli’s of Samuel Moss Solomon and his second wife Esther (nee Davis). You are invited to THE GREAT SOLOMON FAMILY REUNION. This is not just a regular 1 day reunion. No, this is a 3 day extravaganza!! Afterall it is nearly 200 years since the family arrived in Australia, so why not celebrate and meet the ‘extended’ family.

First up, some of the families who married into the Solomon clan are: Alexander, Barnett, Benjamin, Boas, Keesing, Cashmore, Cohen, Daniels, Fewster, Isaacs, Joshua, Jacobs, Jacobsohn, Lipman, Marks, Morell, Moss, Montefiore, Myers, Phillips, Salom, Victorsen and Voules Brown.

Now I’m guessing if you’ve read this far, you’re either possibly a relative who is genuinely interested in the Great Solomon Family Reunion, or you just don’t have a good book to read at the moment. Either works ok for me. 🙂

So continuing on, let me tell you that the Solomon and associated families were an extremely diverse bunch and are well-established in Australia’s history. Samuel and his second wife Esther migrated to Australia following their sons Emanuel and Vaiben who were transported to Australia as convicts in 1818. Their children include: Moss, Vaiben, Susan, Emanuel, Hannah, Sarah, Esther, Phillip, Elizabeth and Isaac.

Emanuel Solomon (pictured left) ended up in South Australia where he ran an extremely lucrative enterprise gaining his wealth through shipping merchandise from Sydney to Adelaide, he purchased large sways of land in South Australia, Western Australia and in and around Darwin (then known as Palmerston). Emanuel became a great, philanthropist and benefactor to the arts, the theatre he built in Adelaide still stands. He assisted the beatified Mary Mckillop by providing free accommodation for her nuns.

Having educated his many children, Emanuel encouraged them to live the life that would benefit all Australians – many (including Emanuel) were Members of Parliaments, his children held positions such as Premier of South Australia (albeit for 7 days and hence receiving the nick-name of Sudden Solomon). “Blackie Solomon”, who was one of the founders of Darwin, earned his nickname by betting the gents of Adelaide that he could walk down the main street of Darwin (Palmerston) naked and that no one would notice. He won his bet by blacking his body with boot polish and walking down the street with the local indigenous people. A nephew saw action in the Boer War, another helped write the Constitution of Australia and in fact the Solomon family are one of only two families to have two representatives in the first Australian Parliament. The Federal Electorate of Solomon is of course named after another family member, V.L. Solomon.

Emanuel’s son, Joseph Samuel Solomon, enlisted in the South Australian Militia and is reputed to have joined the famous explorer, Stuart on his inland journey of South Australia The Solomon’s have their far share of war heroes too. There are at least four young men who were at Gallipoli, one paid the ultimate price. And the family can also lay claim to the first Jewish Lieutenant Colonel (Benjamin Solomon) and the only person to have served in the Boer War and both World Wars (Brigadier Walter Samuel Solomon – Salvation Army). Then there is the relative who together with his wife sailed on the Titanic unfortunately he did not survive. Within the Solomon clan there are artists and spies and even streets, towns and mountains names after family members!

Hearing stories like that just makes you want to find our more doesn’t it? If you are a descendant of Samuel and Esther Solomon the Great Solomon Family Reunion is the perfect opportunity to to connect with wider family, and find out even more exciting stories. With people expected from Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, the ACT, as well as New Zealand, United States, Canada and possibly England – this will be a very special occasion for all who attend.

The familyy reunion will be held over three days, and day 1 consists of a bus tour of the historic sites of Old Melbourne. While days 2 and 3 will be at the Alma Sport Club at North Caulfield, with guest speakers on both days. Topics such as: Samuel Moss Solomon and some of his Descendants, Digging Up the Past? The Free and the Fettered, Early Victorian Photograph, Legends and Memories and more. are on the agenda.

For further details about the Great Solomon Family Reunion, or to book your attendance, please contact Katrina and Jenny Cowen.


When: Saturday 11 to Monday 12 March 2012

Where: Alma Sports Club, Wilkes Street, North Caulfield, Melbourne Australia

Contact: Katrina and Jenny Cowen,