The Guild of One-Name Studies is offering new members a very special deal of extended membership.

The offer is available to all who attend the upcoming Yorkshire Family History Fair being held in York (yes, in England), on Saturday 25th June. It is also being offered to those who cannot attend through their website for a limited time.

The Guide is an organisation dedicated to promoting the one-name studies and the preservation of information relating to them. Founded in 1979 in Britain, the Guild has members all over the world, as it brings together those with an interest in one-name studies and other forms of surname study (such as DNA projects). Many members register a surname so as to embark on a Guild-recognised one-name study and coordinate world-wide activity in studying the surname.

Normally membership to the Guild costs £15.00 and covers a period of up to a year with renewal on 1st November 2011. This special extended membership will cost £16.00 and will include a full year’s extra membership, with renewal not being due until 1st November 2012. So that gives you an extra approx. 5 months for only £1.00 extra.

For those who cannot attend the ‘Yorkshire Family History Fair‘, (which includes being on the other side of the world),  the special offer will be made available on their website for 3 day only (Friday 24 Jun to Sunday 26 June 2011) (UK time) on the Guild Website:

If you have any further queries, such as more information about undertaking a One-Name Study, the benefits of joining, and what assistance the members can provide, you can phone a number in your country:

Australia: 1800 305 184
North America: 1800 647 4100
United Kingdom: 0800 011 2182

So here is your opportunity to either start a One-Name Study, or join  one of the 7850 groups that already exists and meet with others researching the same name.