Title: Conserving, Preserving and Restoring Your Heritage
Author: Kennis Kim
Year: 2010
Item Code: DDP002
Price: $29.95
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Artifacts, whether found in museums, our community, our our homes, offer glimpses into the past. Be they documents, photographs, books, or clothing, as custodians of our history, we are faced with how to maintain these items.

Professional conservator Kennis Kim tells us how in this book.

Topics discussed include: creating an accession list; the nature of conservation, restoration and preservation; deciding on display, storage or using the artifact; common threats such as light, humidity, insects and rodents; and when to call inĀ  professional.

Here is all you need to determine what can be done to preserve precious articles for future generations.

1. The Home Environment
2. Paper, Parchment and Vellum
3. Books
4. Paintings and Other Framed Works of Art
5. Still and Moving Pictures
6. Textiles
7. Wooden Objects
8. Bone, Horn and Ivory Objects
9. Plastic and Rubber Artifacts
10. Glass and Ceramic Artifacts
11. Silver, Coins and Medals
12. Digital Media
Appendix 1. Accession List Information
Appendix 2. How to Find and Choose a Conservation Professional
Appendix 3. Using a Camera to Measure Approximate Light Levels
Appendix 4. General Rules for Handling and Moving Artifacts and Works of Art
Appendix 5. Encapsulation Process
Appendix 6. Surface Cleaning Books
Appendix 7. Angled Supports for Displaying Books
Appendix 8. Making a Book Cozy
Appendix 9. Construction of Folders and Book Boxes
Appendix 10. Matting and Framing Paper Artifacts
Appendix 11. Treating Infestations in Textiles by Freezing
Appendix 12. How to Make a Padded Hanger
Appendix 13. Boxing Medium to Large Textiles for Storage
Appendix 14. Making Padding for Ceramic and Glass Storage
Appendix 15. Some Materials for Preservation by Artifact Type
References and Further Reading