Watch Who Do You Think You Are? (US) Season 2 Online [VIDEO]

Season 2 of the US version of the universally popular program ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ debuted on Friday, 4th February 2011.  And what a start to the season it was, with over 8 million viewers in the United States tuning in to watch Vanessa William discover her past, setting a record high for the show, and beaten only by the ‘The Defenders’ in that timeslot.

Last year NBC did put the episodes of Season 1 Who Do You Think You Are? online for a while so people could watch them, however, this was only available to viewers in the US. So I am pleased to see that the Season 2 ones can be watched globally, and I have already watched the first episode.

If you wish to watch the US Who Do You Think our Are? (US) episodes  prior to them being available on DVD or on regular TV (whenever that may be), you can tune in to them here. Episode 1 featuring Vanessa Williams episode is available to watch online until 18 September 2011.

The other celebrities to appear in Season 2 are:  Steve Buscemi, Kim Cattrall, Ashley Judd, Tim McGraw, Rosie O’Donnell, Lionel Richie and Lisa Kudrow.

In Australia, Season 1 began airing on the Channel 9 on April 28, 2010. Season 2 and reruns of Season 1 will now air on it’s sister channel, GEM.

8 thoughts on “Watch Who Do You Think You Are? (US) Season 2 Online [VIDEO]

  1. This was a great episode, looking forward to more to come!! So glad that we can watch them online this season!!

  2. Keep getting an error message – ‘null’ and if go directly to the link, I get ‘We’re sorry, but the clip you selected isn’t available from your location. Please select another clip’.

  3. Kylie – I thought this episode was better than Season 1, less over-the-top Americanisation of it all, so I am looking forward to the rest.
    Sandra – oh no you can’t see it? So the big play arrow button in the video box in this blog doesn’t work for you? I’ve just tried it again now, and it worked. Without knowing where you’re from, maybe it is location. But if you’re in Australia its odd that it works for me and not you. Maybe try it on a different computer and see if you get the same result? Can you keep me posted, because if it isn’t working everywhere it’s good to know, so I don’t go telling people wrong info.

  4. I tried it on my pcs and different browsers. When I click on the play button I get the ‘null’ and doesn’t
    Play and going directly to site I get the location message. I’ll try it
    On my work pc (but that may not work due to certain restrictions we have)

    I am in Sydney

  5. Hi Alona

    I have actually seen this epsiode and agree it was sensational, but I’m afraid I’m also getting a message via the NBC site saying that the clip will not play in my location (Scotland). It looks like it is being restricted to North American again, which is a real shame – this episode was much better than many of the British editions I have seen (I’ve yet to see the Aussie version, though have heard good things!).


  6. Thanks Chris, I appreciate the feedback. Sorry to hear it doesn’t play in Scotland though.

  7. My question – why I could view the episode with Vanessa Williams in Perth, but not in Melbourne??

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