Have you ever wondered what searching the internet would be like without Google? No, I can’t either! But I can only imagine that searching for websites would be laborius, confusing, and time-wasting, much like searching for genealogy sites without Cyndi’s List.

I am a dedicated user of Cyndi’s List, and have been using it for many, many years, and highly reccommend it to many customers who come into our store, asking the question ‘where do I look next?’

Very seriously E-V-E-R-Y genealogist should know about it, as it links to hundreds of thousands of websites related to genealogy and history, all nicely categorised to make our life simple.

Cyndi has spent years creating this website by herself, and it is a fulltime job, with little reward other than some income from ad revenue. But as you can imagine, maintaining a website does cost money, and now she needs our help, to help her maintain it.

So please donate to Cyndi’s List, to ensure this website stays online. Here’s just a few reasons (as if you need more):

– Cyndi’s List has been online since March 4, 1996.
– In the beginning there were 1,025 links. Today there are more than 290,000.
– This site continues to be one of the top research spots online for genealogy.
– Cyndi’s List has always been free for everyone to use.
– To date, Cyndi’s List has been supported solely by advertisements.
– This site is in the process of a major upgrade, the first since 1998.
– Goals for upgrading would include easier use for both the administrator and site visitors, making adding and updating links a quicker process for everyone. Improved navigation and other features are also on the to-do list.
– Cyndi’s List is a one-woman business. Upgrading is very expensive.
Your donations would help the site to grow and expand, thus making your searching much easier and more productive.

Paula Stewart-Warren was the person to first make mention of Cyndi’s plight in a recent blog post, and I would like to thank her for doing so. Cyndi’s website is a magnificent resource for the genealogical community, and I know we would all hate to see it disappear. So please support her if you can.

You can donate to Cyndi’s List onlineĀ  here, and after doing so take a visit to http://www.cyndislist.com if you haven’t recently, I guarantee you’ll find something new.