Title: The Battle of Vinegar Hill: Australia’s Irish Rebellion,1804
Author: Lynette Ramsay Silver
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9780949284617
Year: 2002
Item Code: WMP002
Price: $35.00
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Among the embezzlers, forgers, petty thieves, sheep stealers and house breakers transported to the colony, were men whose crimes were purely political. The resentment of these political prisoners knew no bounds. Many of the Irish convicts were infuriated by the lack of official records and the resulting injustice and confusion over the lengths of their sentences. Realising the impossibility of returning to Ireland, the dissidents created a state of constant unrest in the new community. Cropping their hair in the style of the French revolutionaries, they formed secret leagues and held clandestine meeting to plan their escape. In desperation, they attempted to lay siege to the colony and demand to be taken home to Ireland.

‘The Battle of Vinegar Hill’ is the story of botched, mini-rebellions, failed escape attempts, mutiny, wild rumours, conspiracies, betrayals and personal tragedy. In this book the author reveals the lives of the key rebels and their enemies against a background of Irish politics in the colonial period.

Lynette Ramsay Silver’s work is the first and only thorough account of the battle and its causes. Illustrated with portraits, maps and landscape art of the period, ‘The Battle of Vinegar Hill’ is an important book for anyone interested in colonial history and the development of the Australian character.

Chapter 1. The Exiles
Chapter 2. The Dreamers
Chapter 3. The Patriots
Chapter 4. The Conspirators
Chapter 5. Retribution
Chapter 6. A Very Uneasy Truce
Chapter 7. The Victims
Chapter 8. The Pious
Chapter 9. The Escapees
Chapter 10. The Pursuers
Chapter 11. The Pursued
Chapter 12. The Outcome
Appendix 1. Chronological Sequence of Events
Appendix 2. Who Fought at Vinegar Hill?
Appendix 3. The Location of Vinegar Hill
Appendix 4. Relics and Places of Interest