Title: Questions to Bring You Closer to Grandma and Grandpa
Author: Stuart Gustafson and Robyn Freedman Spizman
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9781598694802
Year: 2008
Item Code: ADM001
Price: $14.95
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“What is your favorite family memory? How did the world you grew up in differ from today’s world? Is there anything in life you wish you did, but never have? What would you want me to share about you to future generatons?”
From childhood and family matters to aspirations and fears, these are just a few of the thought-provoking questions you will find in Questions to Bring You Closer to Grandma and Grandpa. This wonderfully compelling book helps you gain a deeper understanding of your eldest family members and discover some interesting family history too!

Through intimate conversations, you will soon know more about your grandparents than you ever thought possible. Questions to Bring You Closer to Grandma and Grandpa promises to open up your relationship and strengthen the bond between you for years to come. And with plenty of space to write in your answers, it truly is a keepsake worth preserving!

Part 1: How to Use This Books
– Not All Grandparents Are the Same
Part 2: Questions to Ask Your Grandma and Grandpa
– On Grandma and Grandpa’s Lives
– On Our Family History
– On Grandma and Grandpa’s Values
– On Marriage and Relationship
– On Grandma and Grandpa’s Dreams and Goals
– On Parenting, Children, and Being a Grandparent
– On Grandma and Grandpa’s Legacies
– Who Knows Grandma and Grandpa Best?
– Grandma and Grandpa’s Favourite Things
A Few Final Words