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New South Wales Government Gazette 1861 – DATA CD – $47.50
The Government Gazettes are a unique, useful and extremely fascinating resource for local, family and social historians and researchers in other fields throughout Australia. They were published by the government as a means of communication to officials and the general public and therefore contain information that is of great use in establishing an image of Australia and its people in the past.

Queensland Post Office Directory 1922 (Wise) – DATA CD – $39.50
This 1200 page directory contains tens of thousands of people, many with occupations and addresses and gives insight into third decade of life in 20th century Queensland.

Radio Call Compendium 1947-1956 – DATA CD – $129.50
South Australia’s only radio and broadcasting newspaper … “Radio Call”, commenced during 1937. It covers news from the Adelaide Studios and a host of other topics including all things musical, theatrical, the week’s radio programs, and lots of other news from Australia and overseas. This compendium includes all available issues for the period 1947-1956.

Melbourne Directory 1912 (Sands and McDougall) – DATA CD – $47.50
The Sands and McDougall directories are amongst the most comprehensive. You can find out more details about places in which people lived, the other residents in the area, and the services available in the region … all of which help to paint a picture of your ancestors’ life. This one contains over 3000 pages.

The Vandiemonians: From Penal Settlements to Marvellous Melbourne – I. Morison – $27.50
Relying on contemporary evidence about the development of Australian white settlement, from Port Jackson to Van Diemen’s Land and the colonisation of Victoria, ‘The Vandiemonians’ follows the lives of ordinary families to explore the island jail’s layered society of officials, pastoral settlers, convicts and Aborigines. It describes the colonising of the Port Phillip district by Vandiemonians, both free and freed, and their conflict with new immigrants from England.

Cruiser: The Life and Loss of HMAS Perth and her Crew – M. Carlton – $55.00
Of all the Australians who fought in the Second World War, none saw more action nor endured so much of its hardship and horror as the crew of the cruiser HMAS Perth. Most were young – many were still teenagers – from cities and towns, villages and farms across the nation. In three tumultuous years they did battle with the forces of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, the Vichy French and, finally, the Imperial Japanese Navy.

They Came Direct: Immigrant Boats Direct to the Port of Wide Bay: Ariadne 1862 – E. Johnson – $16.50 NEW EDITION
Contains all known information on this voyage (departed Hamburg Liverpool 5 June 1862, arrived Hervey’s Bay 5 October 1862). Details come from official, newspaper and other sources. Also includes b&w photos, and a map.

Surveying New South Wales: The Pathfinders – DATA CD – $30.00
The DVD-ROM contains about 6,530 pages of information on the Surveyors in New South Wales from 1788 to present. Some entries are a single page only, some run for 10 or more pages.


The Victorian Undertaker – T. May – $14.95 REPRINT
Trevor May shows how undertakers catered for these complex and sober events, and the various funeral options they offered to mourners, and to those who carefully prepared for their own death. While one Victorian authoress was able to claim that ‘It is on the deathbed that the rich and poor are equalised’, the author assesses the extent to which funerals reflected the social divisions within the nineteenth-century society.

Great War Lives: A Guide for Family Historians – P. Reed – $59.95
The Great War was a key event of the twentieth century and it is one of the most popular and rewarding areas for historical research – and for family historians. More records than ever are available to researchers whose relatives served during the war, and Paul Reed’s new book is the perfect guide to how to locate and understand these sources – and get the most out of them.

Dod’s Peerage and Baronetage of Great Britain and Ireland 1902 – DATA CD – $33.00
Dod’s Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage of Great Britain & Ireland is a complete reference dictionary for the titled classes as well as many others bearing honours for the year in which it was published and as such must prove to be an invaluable edition to any collection.

Durham Parish Registers: Stanhope 1613-1812 – DATA CD – $25.00
The Parish Registers of Stanhope, in the county of Durham, Published in 1900 these transcripts of the Marriages and Banns are as they appear in the Parish Register 1613-1812. Complete with indexes of names and places, this title also includes a listing of the Rectors of the parish.


My Clonmel Scrapbook – DATA CD – $24.00
For anyone interested in in the local history of Clonmel and the surrounding area, the Irish Literary Revival Movement and the part played in this by the publisher Edmund Downey of Waterford, this is an opportunity to purchase a republication of the first edition of My Clonmel Scrap Book.

Ireland Townlands 1901 – DATA CD – $40.00
The 1901 Census was taken on 31 March 1901 and the General Index to the Topographical Divisions of Ireland, commonly known as “The Townland Index” was produced while the census was being taken and published as a book in 1904. It has not been as readily available as its predecessor, the 1851 edition. Now, for the first time 1901 is available here as a digital, fully searchable database.


Trace Your Orkney Ancestors – J. Irvine – $24.00
This is the first book to focus on tracing Orcadian ancestry. A practical guide that assumes no prior knowledge of technical terms, it is written for both novice and more experienced genealogists

Dalziel, Dalzell, Dalyell Family History – DATA CD – $29.50
This family history selection contains articles relating to the Dalziel family.

Memoirs of John Ker of Kersland – DATA CD – $29.50
In his Memoirs, Ker offers a unique and detailed examination of the foreign policy and foreign adventurers of both the established government in London and the governments abroad, relative to the Jacobites and to Britain’s growing interests throughout the world. Naturally, it is a European world as seen and reported by a man seeking to justify his activities over almost 40 years of nefarious and duplicitous activity, but it provides insight into the workings of European governments over that entire period.

Controversial Issues in Scottish History – DATA CD – $29.50
This work aroused intense interest among both the popular and academic historians of the day, for it reprinted major portions of early chronicles and histories which long had been unavailable other than at research libraries. More importantly, Gregg contrasted what those primary sources “said” to what contemporary historians of his own age were writing about those same issues or periods. The controversy over the Picts and the Scots was one such issue. Among the topics included were early Pictish history and language, early Celtic Christianity, the Book of Deer, Macbeth, the origins of clans, and the Wallace-Bruce era of Scottish history. Gregg was primarily interested in presenting the ancient chronicles as a source of information to be used to check and correct modern historians. Today, it is an essential work for anyone interested in the period 600-1350, in great part because of this presentation of early materials, and because of the contrast between the early chronicles and the 19th-century historians.


Newest Sprout Baby Bib (Pink) – Stationery – $13.00
Showing a picture of a baby angel, who is thinking about her family tree (me, my parents and my grandparents) this is the ideal present for the newest addition to a genealogists family.

Newest Sprout Baby Bib (Blue) – Stationery – $13.00
Do you have a new baby boy in your family? Show your love of genealogy by giving this “I’m the Newest Sprout on the Family Tree” bib. After only having a unisex (green) one available for years, the makers have brought back the pink and blue ones, together with a new design.

ZIG Millennium Pen Black .005mm – Stationery – $4.00
The ZIG Millennium pens are an acid free, lightfast, waterproof, fade proof, archival quality pigment ink pen that is extremely useful for fine line detailing.


Creative Imaginations 12×12 Sepia Border Stickers – Scrapbooking – $8.50
Another release in the Sepia range from Creative Imaginations is their sticker borders. This page contains 18 stickers, each the width of the page. Coloured in the same cream, whites and browns as other pages from Creative Imaginations in the range, you can add a rose border, or flourishes, or a quote to the edge of your pages.

Creative Imaginations 12×12 Sepia Alpha Tab Stickers – Scrapbooking – $8.50
Here’s an easy addition to your heritage pages. Coloured in cream, brown and white this page of stickers (26 alphabet stickers, 1 black box, 8 lines of words, each of which can be cut up as needed). Use the letter of the person you may be scrapping about, or the name of a place you visited, or to write down all of your grandma’s favourite things that begin with the letter …

Reminisce 12×12 Australia – Scrapbooking – $1.80
This Australia paper comes with the outline of the country, the Australian flag and the word Australia on the front – the back has the Australian flag and the word ‘Australia’ over the whole page.

Reminisce 12×12 England – Scrapbooking – $1.80
This double-sided scrapbooking paper comes with the outline of England, the English flag and the word England on the front – the back has the British flag and the word ‘England’ over the whole page.