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Ninety Years at Torrens Park: The Scotch College Story – P. Read & A. Pouw-Bray – $80.00
Scotch College is much more than a school – it is a luminous educational establishment. It grew from the fervent wishes of nineteenth century Adelaide Presbyterians, through its humble beginnings in Unley, to its current splendour at Torrens Park. “Ninety Years at Torrens Park: The Scotch College Story’ provides a comprehensive account of that journey from a boys’ college of about 100 students to a coeducational institution of almost 1000.

Sewerage Records: An Untapped Magnificent Resource – S. Zada – $12.00
Sewerage is not something we instantly associate with our ancestors, nor is it a resource that many people have high on their list for checking. By the time you have reached the end of this book, your view on sewerage and its value to our family and local history research should have changed.

Carlingford Then and Now: A Tour Along Pennant Hills RoadPrivate Publication
All you wanted to know about the history and some of the changes that have occurred on Pennant Hills Road. It covers the area from St Patrick’s Cemetery near Church Street North Parramatta to north Rocks Road since the time of the convicts as the first land grants of land at the northern Boundary and The Ponds.

Northmead: Between Two CouncilsPrivate Publication
All you wanted to know about the history and changes that have occurred on and about Windsor Road and the changing suburb of Northmead. It covers the area from North Rocks Road to Holy Trinity Anglican Church from the time of the convicts and the first grants and the New Windsor Road (which was laid down under instruction from Governor Macquarie) to the present day.

A Colonial Tramp: Travels and Adventures in Australia and New Guinea – DATA CD – $29.50
Published in 1891, this two volume set by Hume Nisbet describes his extensive travels through the Australian colonies and New Guinea. His journey commenced in 1886, travelling to Australia via Pantellaria, Malta, the Suez Canal and Ceylon before landing at Albany in Western Australia.

Queensland Post Office Directory 1918 (Wise) – DATA CD – $39.50
Directories are an invaluable resource for local, family and social historians as well as for researchers in other fields of Australian history. While they do not give you birth, death and marriage details – core records for genealogists and family historians – they can certainly provide you with information on the region where your ancestors lived, as well as information on their occupation and much more. This large Wise’s directory is comprehensive in its coverage.

South Australian Government Gazette 1842 – DATA CD – $27.50
Issued weekly with occasional special issues, the South Australian Government Gazette contains information such as proclamations, land transactions, court notices, notice of acts, public notices, tenders, appointments and resignations, bankrupt and insolvency notices, impoundments, police auctions, unclaimed letters, licenses (publican’s, wine and beer, storekeeper’s, occupation, and depasturing), rewards on offer and more …

Victorian Directory 1925 (Sands and McDougall) – DATA CD – $47.50
A massive directory of more than 3,400 pages, this Sands and McDougall directory, which in 1925 was in its 69th year of publication, consists not only of a Melbourne Directory, but also its Suburbs and the country areas too. The Melbourne and Suburban sections contain the “Street, Alphabetical, Professional, and Trade Directories together with Government, Ecclesiastical, Legal, Municipal, and Pay Days”.


Principles and Practices of the Baptists – DATA CD – $25.00
It includes chapters on: First Principles; Christian Baptism; Church Order and Discipline; The Relation of Baptists to the State, The Past of the Baptists; The Aims and Probable Future of the Baptists. And it comes complete with a helpful bibliography and appendices. It is useful for Nonconformist history and for family historians with Baptist ancestors.

The National Arms of the United Kingdom – DATA CD – $29.50
Many of the best known symbols of crown and country date from medieval times and collectively constitute the visible signs of a state. This work examines the national arms — the royal shields and arms — of England, Scotland and Ireland as they developed and changed from 1066 down through the reign of Queen Victoria. Included as well are the badges, motto and crest of the monarchy, including the crest of Scotland. There is as well a chapter on the crown and its symbolism, the crowns worn by the various levels of nobility, the supporters placed on either side of the shield (unicorns for Scotland), the floral badges (the thistle for Scotland) and, most confusing for Americans, the flag. Wonderful color illustrations throughout.

Staffordshire Parish Registers: Brewood 1562-1649 and Pipe Ridware 1571-1812 – DATA CD – $25.00
Published in 1906, this CD contains transcripts of the registers for the parish of Brewood in Staffordshire. Contains: Baptisms 1562-1650; Marriages 1562-1645; Burials 1562-1645. Also includes are the transcripts of the registers for Pipe Ridware parish. These contain Baptisms 1571-1812; Marriages 1565-1812; Burials 1561-1812.

Post Offices – J. Stray – $14.95
Highlighting the ‘heyday of the GPO’ during the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s, the book recalls childhood memories of post office counters selling stamps and sweets, the weekly pension queue, and the friendly local postmaster. It celebrates the role of the post office at the heart of the community and the changing nature of the service over time to the present day.


Ireland Beautiful – DATA CD – $21.50
First published in 1925 and republished here on full-searchable CD-ROM is the first edition of Wallace Nutting’s Ireland Beautiful. Published by Nutting’s own company, the Old American Company at Framingham, Massachusetts, Ireland Beautiful was one ten books published by Wallace Nutting, the others being Vermont Beautiful (1922), New Hampshire Beautiful (1923), Connecticut Beautiful (1923), Massachusetts Beautiful (1923), Maine Beautiful (1924), Pennsylvania Beautiful (1924), Ireland Beautiful (1925), New York Beautiful (1927), England Beautiful (1928), and Virginia Beautiful (1930). All the publications in the series were renowned for their illustrations and Ireland Beautiful is no exception containing as it does 304 pictures of every county in Ireland.

A History of the Town of Belfast – DATA CD – $33.00
First published in London and Belfast in 1877 and republished here on full-searchable CD-ROM is George Benn’s A History of the Town of Belfast from the Earliest times to the Close of the Eighteenth Century. With Maps and Illustrations, and containing some 778 printed pages, Benn’s History of the Town of Belfast, written almost exclusively with the use of primary sources, is still regarded as one of the most authoritative works on Belfast down to the period of its publication.

Treble Almanack 1814 – DATA CD – $33.00
John Watson Stewart’s, The Gentleman’s and Citizen’s Almamack for the Year 1814, to give its full title the Treble Almanacs, are actually three books in one.


Exiles of the Covenant – DATA CD – $29.50
This is a history of the more vocal and radical of those Covenanters, providing both biographical and historical information. The chapters in particular relate to Scots exiled to England, Ireland, the Netherlands, and the Plantations. Of particular interest is the list of prisoners from the battle of Bothwell Bridge (22 June 1679) who were deported to America.

Rulewater and Its People – DATA CD – $29.50
Written by George Tancred of Weens, in 1907, this 452 page work is a parish history in the monumental 19th-century tradition, including extensive historical and genealogical information on a farm-by-farm basis. Rulewater is formed by the union of the Wauchope, the Harwood, and Catlee Burns, united at the Forkins. It is in the county of Roxburgh.

Dalgarno, Dalgairns, Garden, Gardyne Family History – DATA CD – $29.50
This CD contains articles on CD-ROM. This family history selection contains various articles relating to these families.

Rules and Regulations, Office-Bearers and Members of the Weavers Society of Anderston, Lanarkshire – DATA CD – $20.00
Published in 1901. The Weaver’s Society of Anderston, near Glasgow, was a Friendly Society. Its members included many from many different trades and professions. This book gives a list of Office-Bearers from 1738-1900, and an alphabetical list of members as at 1857 (and admitted thereafter to 1900), with trade, address and year of entry.


My Family: My Special Memories of Our Family – A. Horgan – $19.95
By using this fill-in book you’ll be forging the first link in a chain encompassing your family’s history – past and future. By providing invaluable information about yourself and your spouse, your parents and your grandparents, you’ll be offering your family a priceless gift of knowledge.

My Story: Things I Want You to Know and Remember About Me – A. Horgan – $19.95
This journal will help you write your unique story – for your family and friends, and for those not yet born. In times gone by, when many people were unable to read or write, families passed down stories about their ancestors – from one generation to the next – by word of mouth. Sadly, this tradition has largely been lost. For example, how much do you know about your great grandparents? Similarly, your own memories of your life and those of your parents may be vivid in your mind, but they too will be lost to your children and grandchildren – and their children – unless you write them down.