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Governor Macquarie: His Life, Times and Revolutionary Vision for Australia – D. Parker – $24.95
The first new biography of Lachlan Macquarie in decades, this book draws on a wealth of sources, both in Australia and overseas, to paint a picture of the man and his times.

Kokoda – P. FitzSimons – $35.00 REPRINT
Peter FitzSimons weaves together the extraordinary story of Kokoda. For Australians, Kokoda is the iconic battle of World War II, yet few people know the names of the men who fought on the track, or even the details of what happened. More Australians died in the months of fighting in Papua, than in any other campaign of World War II. Now bestselling author Peter FitzSimons tells the Kokoda story in a gripping, and moving, style for all Australians.

Last Voyage to India and Australia in the ‘Sunbeam’ by Lady Brassey 1886-1887 – DATA CD – $29.50
Published posthumously in 1889, this book by Annie Brassey describes her last voyage to India and Australia on the luxury yacht “Sunbeam”. The voyage was undertaken to improve her health but, in late 1887 on the way to Mauritius, she died of malaria and was buried at sea.

The Queen of the Colonies: Queensland As I Knew It – DATA CD – $27.50
Written by “An eight years resident” (claimed by some sources to be E. Thorne) and published in 1876, the book was aimed at clearing up misapprehensions about the colony which existed in England at the time.

Radio Call 1955 – DATA CD – $19.50
Radio Call, described as “South Australia’s Only Broadcasting Newspaper”, commenced during 1937. It covers news from the Adelaide Studios and a host of other topics including all things musical, theatrical, the week’s radio programs, and lots of other news from Australia and overseas.

Tasmania Police Gazette Index Compendium 1861-1933 – DATA CD – $29.50
As the records are very extensive it is not easy to determine which gazette may contain information on your ancestor. This collection of all available indexes to the Tasmania Police Gazettes (1861-1938) makes that much easier. Once you have located a year of interest you can follow the full details up in the actual gazette.

Victorian Government Gazette 1884 – DATA CD – $47.50
A large volume of over 3,000 pages, the 1884 gazette includes information relating to a wide variety of topics – of interest to both genealogists and historians.

Queensland Commonwealth Electoral Roll 1939 – DATA CD – $89.50
There are in excess of 10,000 pages in the full set of 1939 Commonwealth electoral rolls for Queensland. Entries are arranged alphabetically within each subdivision. You will find the details of about 600,000 voters who resided in Queensland at this time, and who were entitled (and registered) to vote. Importantly, the roll includes the names of many women qualified to vote.

These are also available in separate electoral disctricts:


Yorkshire Parish Registers: East Rounton 1595-1837 and Weston 1639-1812 – DATA CD – $25.00
Originally published 1916, this CD contains a facsimile of the Registers of the chapelry of East Rounton in the parish of Rudby, which was transcribed and edited by the Rev. William Thomas Robson, M.A., Rector of West Rounton. Containing the Baptisms, Marriages and Burials for the period 1595-1837.

Heraldic Visitation of the Northern Counties of England in 1530 – DATA CD – $25.00
By Thomas Tonge, Norry King of Arms, edited by W. Hylton Dyer Longstaffe and Published in 1863. This work contains pedigrees and coats of arms of gentry families and monasteries from the Northern Counties of England. Mainly covers Yorkshire, and Durham.

History of Nottinghamshire – DATA CD – $42.50
Republished with Large Additions by John Throsby. Published in 1797. This CD contains an updated edition of Thoroton’s sought after work ‘Antiquities of Nottinghamshire’. In three volumes, compiled by John Throsby, a Leicester antiquary and parish clerk. Each volume containing its own index. Includes the original text with Throsby’s own contemporary comments under a separate heading. Plus many engravings and a colour map of Nottinghamshire.

Methodism in Huddersfield, Holmfirth and Denby Dale, Yorkshire – DATA CD – $25.00
Written by Rev. Joel Mallinson and published in 1898, this is a history of the rise and progress of Methodism in three Yorkshire towns of Huddersfield, Holmfirth and Denby Dale. This excellent includes details of various circuits and chapels in the area. A ‘must have’ for any with Methodist ancestors.


Personal and Family Names – DATA CD – $25.00
Written by Harry Alfred Long (Glasgow School Board), and published in 1883. This was a popular monograph on the origin and history of the nomenclature of the present and former times.

Complete Guide to Heraldry – DATA CD – $35.00
Published in 1909, this is Arthur Charles Fox-Davies’ classic work of heraldry, which covers his a vast range of knowledge on the topic. In-depth analysis of the history behind charges used in heraldry, explaining many famous devices in heraldry and dispelling many common heraldic myths.

Social Media for Family Historians – C. Riley – $19.50
You will learn what social media is; why you would want to use it; what the risks are, and how to avoid them. Easy-to-follow guides on how to get started with Facebook and blogging – two of the most useful forms of social media – can help you take the plunge.