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Gallipoli Doctors – R. Likeman – $40.00

Gallipoli Doctors’ is the first volume the Australian Doctors at War Series. Due to the efforts of LtCol Robert Likeman, CMS, this book is the most comprehensive record of the contribution made by almost 300 doctors of the AIF during the Gallipoli campaign which also included Lemnos and Ship Transports.

Gold!: The Fever That Forever Changed Australia – D. Hill – $34.95

David Hill relates the people and events of this monumental turning point in Australia’s history using the diaries, journals, books, letters, official reports, parliamentary enquiries, and newspaper articles of the time, along with his own master storyteller’s skill of bringing the past to life. from New South Wales and Victoria, up to Queensland and the Northern Territory, then down to Tasmania and across the great deserts of Western Australia, he tracks the huge gold discoveries that would forever change Australia.

Australian Handbook 1884 – DATA CD – $39.50

Covering New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, West Australia, Tasmania, Queensland, New Zealand, and Fiji Islands, the ‘Australian Handbook and Almanac and Shippers and Importers Directory for 1884’, the fifteenth year of issue, is a guide with all kinds of interesting and unique information.

New South Wales Government Gazette 1859 – DATA CD – $49.50

The Government Gazettes are a unique, useful and extremely fascinating resource for local, family and social historians and researchers in other fields throughout Australia. They were published by the government as a means of communication to officials and the general public and therefore contain information that is of great use in establishing an image of Australia and its people in the past.

Queensland Post Office Directory 1901 (Wise) – DATA CD – $39.50

This directory contains hundreds of thousands of people, many with occupations and addresses and gives insight into the early years of life in 20th century Queensland.

Radio Call 1954 – DATA CD – $19.50

Radio Call, described as “South Australia’s Only Broadcasting Newspaper”, commenced during 1937. It covers news from the Adelaide Studios and a host of other topics including all things musical, theatrical, the week’s radio programs, and lots of other news from Australia and overseas.

Tasmania Commonwealth Electoral Roll 1934 – DATA CD – $49.50

This CD includes the rolls for Bass, Denison, Darwin, Franklin and Wilmot Divisions of Tasmania in 1934 – almost 2400 pages.

These are also available in separate electoral disctricts:


Yorkshire Parish Registers: Garforth 1631-1812 – DATA CD – $25.00

Transcribed by George Denison Lumb, and published in 1913, this title contains transcripts of the registers for the parish of Garforth. In it you’ll find Baptisms 1663-1812, Marriages 1664-1812, and Burials 1663-1812, plus some earlier transcripts covering 1631-1634 and 1636-1639. It comes complete with indexes of names and places.

Yorkshire Parish Registers: Eston 1590-1812 – DATA CD – $25.00

Transcribed and edited by Walter J. Kaye, this work was published in 1924, and contains transcripts of the registers for the parish of Eston in Yorkshire North Riding. Covering Baptisms, Marriages and Burials for the period 1590-1812, it is complete with indexes of names and places.

Westmorland Parish Registers: Ravenstonedale Vol. 1 & 2 1571-1780 – DATA CD – $25.00

Contains transcripts of Christenings, Marriages and Burials 1571-1780 for the parish of Ravenstonedale in Westmorland. Transcribed and edited by the Rev. R.W. Metcalfe, and published in 1893-1894.

Antiquities of Sunderland and its Vicinity Vol. III – DATA CD – $25.00

This is a collection of articles about the history of the Sunderland area of County Durham. Includes – Sunderland Ferry; Extracts from Monkwearmouth Parish Registers; Dalden Tower and the Village of Dalton-le-Dale; Extracts from Whitburn Parish Registers; The Family of Goodchild of Pallion Hall; Rowland Wetherald,Printer (1727-91); Deptford Copperas Works.


Clanship and the Clans – DATA CD – $29.50

This unusual work give us a look into the state of the Highland clans and clan system as it was in the late high Victorian era. Over the course of some fifty years from the visit of King George IV to those of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in the 1830s and ’40s, the Norse-Celtic culture of the Scottish Highlands had grown in popularity, luring England and American tourists to Caledonia during the months of August and September.

A Brief Description of Orkney, Zetland and Caithness – DATA CD – $29.50

This work first appeared in 1701, and was was so popular that it was reprinted just two years later. It was written by a clergyman of the Church of Scotland who had been sent to these then-remote islands to investigate their religious and moral state. He, however, viewed his assignment to include a wide range or interests and observations from folklore to commerce, traditions and manners.

Crichton Family Records – DATA CD – $29.50

This collection is one of the “Family History Sourcebook” series, which presents on a single CD a variety of materials on a specific family, in this case the Crichtons.

Corrie Family History – DATA CD – $29.50

This family history collection contains the following article relating to the Corrie family: “The Early History of the Corries of Annandale”, by Christopher Johnston. This account, with a continuation by R.C. Reid, looks at a prominent Dumfriesshire family closely allied to the Douglases, primarily before 1700.


Genealogy Online – E. Crowe – $35.95

Discover how to start your search, find specific types of genealogical information on the Web, and use online tools effectively and efficiently. Techniques for tracking, organizing, analyzing, and sharing research are included. The potential for finding clues, data, and other researchers looking for the same family names has increased exponentially in the last decade. This expert guide will help you take full advantage of the cutting-edge genealogy resources available at your fingertips.

A Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words Volumes I and II – DATA CD – $42.50

Published as a two volume set in 1878, this Dictionary comes with ‘obsolete phrases, proverbs and ancient customs – from the 14th century to the 19th century’. This fascinating work contains a comprehensive dictionary of old and unusual regional words and phrases used across England, from medieval to Victorian times. Over 50,000 entries are included. Also contains an interesting chapter on English provincial dialects.