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The Forgotten Explorers: Pioneer Geologists of Western Australia 1826-1926 – J. Glover & J. Bevan – $40.00
Who were the great Australian explorers? Most people immediately think of men like Burke and Wills, Giles, Sturt, Grey, Stuart, Leichhardt, Kennedy and Eyre: and it is true that, besides their achievements, all of these suffered great hardships, and some perished, making them more memorable historically.

However, in Western Australia, during the first century of settlement, there were other explorers, largely unknown, who traversed equally dangerous and desolate regions, but they were resolute and skilled bushmen who did not perish, became lost, or have to be rescued. They returned without fuss or acclaim, to write reports and get ready for their next journeys. There were, of course, a few colourful characters associated with this saga, and we look closely at them too.

Tasmania’s Convicts: How Felons Built a Free Society – A. Alexander – $45.00
To the convicts arriving in Van Diemen’s Land, it must have felt as though they’d been sent to the very ends of the earth. In Tasmania’s Convicts Alison Alexander tells the history of the men and women transported to what became one of Britain’s most notorious convict colonies. Following the lives of dozens of convicts and their families, she uncovers stories of success, failure, and everything in between. While some suffered harsh conditions, most served their time and were freed, becoming ordinary and peaceful citizens. Yet over the decades, a terrible stigma became associated with the convicts, and they and the whole colony went to extraordinary lengths to hide it.

Wanderings South and East – DATA CD – $27.50
Published in 1882, Wanderings South and East is a descriptive record of four years travel by Walter Coote “in the less known Countries and Islands of the Southern and Eastern Hemispheres”. The book is divided into four parts – the Australasian Colonies, the Pacific Islands, the Far East, and Spanish America.

New South Wales Government Gazette 1857 – DATA CD – $49.50
The Government Gazettes are a unique, useful and extremely fascinating resource for local, family and social historians and researchers in other fields throughout Australia. They were published by the government as a means of communication to officials and the general public and therefore contain information that is of great use in establishing an image of Australia and its people in the past.

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Pages from the Journal of a Queensland Squatter – DATA CD – $27.50
Published in 1901, this book by Oscar de Satagé records the memories of more than thirty years of pastoral life and adventure in Australia. He came originally to Victoria in 1853 – to the goldfields. The following year he travelled to New South Wales and then to Queensland later that same year. It is stories of Queensland that feature largely in his reminiscences.

Radio Call 1953 – DATA CD – $19.50
Radio Call, described as “South Australia’s Only Broadcasting Newspaper”, commenced during 1937. It covers news from the Adelaide Studios and a host of other topics including all things musical, theatrical, the week’s radio programs, and lots of other news from Australia and overseas.

Melbourne Directory 1911 (Sands and McDougall) – DATA CD – $47.50
The Sands and McDougall directories are amongst the most comprehensive. You can find out more details about places in which people lived, the other residents in the area, and the services available in the region … all of which help to paint a picture of your ancestors’ life.

Victoria Police Gazette Index Compendium 1864-1924 – DATA CD – $39.50
As the records are very extensive it is not easy to determine which gazette may contain information on your ancestor. This collection of all available indexes to the Victoria Police Gazettes (1864-1924) makes that much easier. Once you have located a year of interest you can follow the full details up in the actual gazette.


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Surrey Parish Registers: Beddington 1538-1673 – DATA CD – $20.00
Transcripts of the parish registers for the parish of Beddington, in Surrey. It covers the period 1538 – 1673. Complete with indexes of names and places.

Yorkshire Parish Registers: Burnsall-in-Craven 1672-1786 – DATA CD – $25.00
Includes – Parish registers 1672; 1697-1699; 1700-1701; 1740-1786. Monumental inscriptions in the church and churchyard which bear dates earlier than 1813. Marriages of Burnsall people in the registers of neighbouring parishes pre-1812. Extracts from Paver’s Marriage Licences 1591-1711.

Doidge’s Western Counties Illustrated Annual 1933 – DATA CD – $21.50
Republished here on fully searchable CD-Rom is the 65th edition of Doidge’s Western Counties Illustrated Annual. Printed and published in Plymouth in 1933 by Hoyten & Cole, Doidge’s Western Counties Illustrated Annual advertised itself as ‘A book to Read and a Book to Refer to’, which sums-up this publication quite nicely. Containing 462 printed pages of all sorts of miscellany such as directories of doctors, druggists, etc., tide tables, lighting up times, lists of churches, fairs, market days, packet ships, postal delivery services and much, much more.


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Dublin 1843 Post Office Directory – DATA CD – $30.00
This volume is the edition for 1843, containing some 650 printed pages, the full title of the original publication read as follows: The Post Office and Annual Directory Calendar for 1843, being the Sixth Year of the Reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, until the 20th June, Containing an Alphabetical List of the Nobility, Gentry, Merchants & Others in Dublin and the Vicinity, Kingstown, Etc., with a Variety of Useful Information.

The Peerage of Ireland – DATA CD – $40.00
First published in 1754 and republished here on fully-searchable CD-ROM is John Lodge’s monumental The Peerage of Ireland. Published in four volumes and containing more than 1,600 pages is rightly viewed as the ‘first great printed collection of Irish pedigrees and family history, in which a high degree of reliance may be made’, according to Burke’s Peerage. Revised and republished in 1798, Lodge’s work was for Ireland what Dugdale and Collins were to England and his original work is still widely used by genealogists and historians.

The Huguenots in England and Ireland – DATA CD – $33.00
First published in London by John Murray in 1889 and republished here on fully-searchable CD-ROM is the 6th edition of Samuel Smiles ‘The Huguenots their Settlements, Churches, and Industries, in England and Ireland’. Containing more than 500 printed pages The Huguenots traces the history the movement from Martin Luther and the Reformation, the founding fathers of the movement and the early persecutions of the reformed through to the diaspora from continental Europe to England and Ireland and the consequences of the French Revolution.

Burke’s Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland 1863 – DATA CD – $40.00
Republished here on fully-searchable CD-ROM is the 1863 4th edition of Burke’s Land Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland. Carrying the full-title A Genealogical & Heraldic Dictionary of the Land Gentry of Great Britain & Ireland by Sir John Bernard Burke. Published in two parts, the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland contains more than 1,700 printed pages.


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The Fair Land of Gowrie – DATA CD – $29.50
Originally published 1939, and tallying 278 pages, this local history grows out of and complements the author’s Errol: Its Legends, Lands and People, by expanding the range to include a wide portion of Perthshire known as the Carse of Gowrie.

Colville Family History – DATA CD – $29.50
This family history selection contains the following articles relating to the Colville family:

1. The Colville sections from The Scots Peerage, by Sir James Balfour Paul, give an account of the families of Lord Colville of Culross and of Lord Colville of Ochiltree, from the 12th century through the 19th.
2. “The Colville Family in Ulster,” by John M. Dickson from the Ulster Journal of Archaeology.

A History of the Shire of Renfrew – DATA CD – $29.50
This is a history of a county located along the western coast of Scotland, bordered by the river Clyde and Dunbartonshire on the north and northeast, and by Lanarkshire on the east, the Firth of Clyde to the west, and Ayrshire on the south-southwest. The history begins with an extended study of the Stewart family and its cadet lines and extended kin, as well as other great families and peers identified with the region or with the Stewarts. It proceeds to an account of the 16 parishes of Renfrewshire and to the history, families, and culture of those individual sections of the larger county.



Crafting a Meaningful Home: 27 DIY Projects to Tell Stories, Hold Memories and Celebrate Family Heritage – M. Ilasco – $37.95
Meg Mateo Ilasco shares 27 projects that tell personal stories and celebrate heritage, all easily created on a budget. Learn how to decoupage a plate with photos of a best friend; silkscreen upholstery with folk motifs; artfully display love notes; sew a teepee from a vintage quilt top; or create family silhouettes for a festive banner. Contributed by a hip cast of well known designers from across the country, the projects are, at once, nostalgic, sentimental, and modern. Clear instruc­tions are easy to follow, even for beginning crafters.