Do you want FREE ADMISSION to the coming Sydney Expo and/or the History & Genealogy Roadshow Australia & New Zealand?

If you would like to help as a room attendant to ensure a smooth start up (and finish) of each talk session, or to check tickets at meeting doors … Unlock the Past would like to hear from you.

With two events coming up, Unlock the Past has decided to ask for local volunteers. By helping out, you not only get free admission to the event, but also the chance to sit in on a whole days worth of talks for free.

In some cases you may need to introduce speakers, but mostly the tasks will be to ensure the speaker is OK with the microphone, laptop and projector – and that they finish on time. Ticket collectors will only need to be on hand for 10 minutes before the talk and a short time after.

To quote Alan from Unlock the Past:

… our preference is for each person to do at least one full day – all talks on that day for the room you are assigned to. You may change rooms if you wish by mutual agreement with other room attendants  for some talks. I need three people for the Sydney Expo on Friday and five for the Saturday. For the History & Genealogy Roadshow Australia & New Zealand I will generally need four people each day, at each venue. Full day commitments are preferred, but may consider half days if need be.

The days and times for the Sydney Expo:
Fri 22 October 10.00am-5.00pm
Sat 23 October 9.30am-4.30pm

History & Genealogy Roadshow Australia & New Zealand
8 Nov – Adelaide
10 Nov – Perth
12-13 Nov – Melbourne
15 Nov – Canberra
17 Nov – Brisbane
19-20 Nov – Sydney
22 Nov – Christchurch
23 Nov – Wellington
24 Nov – Auckland

Please email Aimée at with your interest and preferred rooms and days where applicable.